Indian team missing award function is a shame: ICC

A Indian team invited sharp criticism from the International Cricket Council (ICC) for skipping the annual award function here on Monday. The ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat said such conduct and behaviour from a team like India was not expected. "It's a great shame and disappointing that not long ago they were the number one Test team in the world. They won the World Cup in such a great style.

Haroon Lorgat

"And there were many fans and people looking forward to their attendance. It's a shame that they did not attend," Lorgat was quoted as saying by PTI. Lorgat said the huge gathering at the ceremony was disappointed to not find Indian players. "In fact, I feel more saddened by the number of people, in fact everybody was in attendance last night, who were quite disappointed that India was not there. And that makes me feel more sad and unhappy," Lorgat added.

The Indian team claimed that the invitation for the function came late, but the ICC insisted that the BCCI and the visiting side had been informed well in advance. "It was quite disappointing that the Indian team did not attend the awards function last night. I know for a fact that my team had invited them some months back.

"We probably have confirmation of their likely attendance and in fact the very date was scheduled around their availability in London. Well, they haven't and England team has attended," Lorgat said. "I know for a fact that they were invited. We sent those invitations through the BCCI. Perhaps that's the question which should be asked to the BCCI," Lorgat added.

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