Justin Theroux flaunts tattoos in TV show

Los Angeles: Actor Justin Theroux generously showed his tattoos in the TV show "The Leftovers" because he didn't want to sit for lengthy make-up sessions to cover them.

Justin Theroux
Justin Theroux. Pic/Santa Banta 

The 43-year-old shocked fans by displaying a number of inkings in his many shirtless appearances on the programme and admitted he was happy to have them worked into his character, police chief Kevin Garvey, rather than undergo a long and boring cover-up process every day.

"Those are my tattoos, correct. I've been concealing them for years," quoted him as saying.

"But it was really more a question of, 'Hey, you're doing a TV show -- do you really want to get to the make-up chair four hours before everybody else at five in the morning and go to the trouble of removing them all with make-up?'

"Let's just say that this guy has some tattoos and leave it at that. Which actually worked out, because the kid playing my son is has tattoos, too, so thematically, it kind of works," he added.

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