Kohli looks to Dhoni as inspiration to keep his emotions in check

Jun 04, 2015, 10:47 IST | PTI

New Delhi: Not willing to part ways with his aggressive mind-set, Indian Test captain Virat Kohli is keen to improve as a leader while keeping his emotions in check.

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Virat Kohli. Pic/AFP
Virat Kohli. Pic/AFP 

Kohli, India's most prolific batsman in the last five years or so, has been criticised for his on-field aggression many a time. He says he can learn a lot from his predecessor Mahendra Singh Dhoni in that aspect.

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"There is no point giving away what you are thinking to the opposition, who can gain unnecessary advantage. I understand that. One of the keys to being a good captain is not letting your emotions come on to your face when you are leading the side in the field. That is one of the most important things, which I want to improve on," Kohli was quoted as saying by The Cricket Monthly.

Amongst others, former Australian skipper Steve Waugh has advised Kohli to be thick skinned as a leader. The stylish batsman, whose next assignment is a one-off Test match against Bangladesh, says it is too early to judge him. "Now, if you talk about people making judgements, it is funny how comparisons are made just after two or three games.

Even if you fail in the first two or three games when you come into international cricket (as a player), they say, "He is no good." I would not judge someone so early. This is how he is, and this is what the reality is, and that will not change. "Why make comparisons? I am a different character. I am a different personality. But yes, there are some things that stay consistent in captaincy throughout the world.

As you mentioned, not being too expressive, having a thick skin, absorbing what is going on in the game. But I will never change myself for anyone or because anyone wants me to change. It is just these small things that I need to improve on, but that instinct of being aggressive as a captain will remain," he asserted.

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