Mandy Capristo splits from Mesut Ozil after his affair

German striker's partner deletes all his photos from her social media account following reports that he had an affair with ex-Bayern player Christian Lell's girlfriend Melanie Rickinger

Striker Mesut Ozil's girlfriend Mandy Capristo has split with the German star following recent reports that he cheated On her with another player's girlfriend.

Mandy Capristo. Pics/Getty Images
Mandy Capristo. Pics/Getty Images 

German newspaper Bild carried a front page report on Wednesday revealing Ozil (26) and Capristo (24) had split. Backing up the claims was the fact that Capristo had deleted all pictures Of the Arsenal playmaker from her Instagram account.

The break-up hOwever, is not an amicable one as Ozil is accused by former Bayern Munich and current Levante defender Christian Lell (30) Of having an affair with his girlfriend Melanie Rickinger (24).

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil 

Lell revealed this on his Facebook wall on Tuesday, wherein he also reportedly released a WhatsApp chat in which the German star is exchanging flirtatious messages with Rickinger, while they were both in relationships with other people.

Capristo and Ozil met two years ago when she participated in the show Let's Dance, while he joined a famed Real Madrid line-up in Spain.

Former Bayern Munich defender Christian Lell (left) with girlfriend Melanie Rickinger
Former Bayern Munich defender Christian Lell (left) with girlfriend Melanie Rickinger 

The couple made their relatiOnship public in 2013, and earlier this year, around three months ago to be precise, the couple even shared a passionate kiss on live TV m0ments after Ozil's Germany won the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

A few months ago, there were reports of an impending, fancy wedding. For now however, Ozil will have to make do with a disappointing birthday gift in the form of this separation. He turned 26 yesterday.

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