Buenos Aires: Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has criticised world footballs governing body FIFA after last week's road accident in Venezuela involving Argentina's Club Atletico Huracan.

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona

The former Argentina player and coach expressed his support for the affected players on his Facebook account, while questioning the international football organisation, reports Xinhua.

"I always defended my colleagues — the players — and I think it is FIFA's responsibility, via Conmebol (South American Football Confederation), to offer minimum security conditions to protect them," said Maradona on Wednesday.

Maradona (55) also sent a special greeting to midfielder Patricio Torranzo and forward Diego Mendoza — two players  who sustained serious injuries.

"I want to send my unconditinal support to Club Atletico Huracan, (coach, Eduardo) Dominguez, (the players; Hugo) Nervo, 'Rolfi' (Daniel Montenegro), (Marcos) Diaz, 'Wanchope' (Ramon Abila), the coaching staff, everyone," said Maradona.

"But above all, (I send support) to Diego Mendoza and 'Pato' Toranzo. I know they are doing well after the injuries they sustained during the accident in Venezuela," he added.

On February 10, the brakes of the bus stopped working while transporting Huracan to the international airport in Caracas. This led to the vehicle overturning in a mountainous region.