Chennai: Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar’s hands that sported a cricket bat for 24 years for India wielded a spanner yesterday tightening the nuts and bolts of a BMW engine at a car plant.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar assembling a car at a plant in Mahindra World City, Singaperumalkoil, near Chennai yesterday. Pic/PTI

The BMW 5 series car with the engine and transmission fixed by Tendulkar will probably be the ‘single car edition’ or ‘Sachin edition’ rolled out by a car maker.

“As a child I always dreamt of owning and driving a BMW car,” Tendulkar said. Taking a spanner, Tendulkar first fixed the propeller shaft with the car engine. He and three other BMW India employees then pushed the table on which the engine was kept towards the car shell that was held by an assembly line conveyor.

Once the engine was slotted in its place, Tendulkar then tightened another bolt to fix the two litre engine with the car shell. When queried by Robert Frittrang, managing director of the Chennai Plant as to the number of parts that makes up a BMW 5 series care Tendulkar answered correctly as 2,800.