Paying the price: These 6 football greats missed important penalties

Jun 28, 2016, 13:09 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Lionel Messi missed a crucial penalty during the Copa America 2016 between Argentina and Chile. We look at other instances when football greats failed to score a penalty during a crucial stage changing the course of the match.

Lionel Messi (Argentina vs Chile, 2016 Copa America final)
Lionel Messi

After Argentina and Chile drew 0-0 in extra time at the Copa America 2016 final, Lionel Messi was the first in line for his team during penalty shootouts, but missed as he curved the ball a little too far from the post despite the goalie diving in the opposite direction. Argentina went on to lose the match 2-4 and in the process the Copa America final to Chile for the second successive year. Messi went on to shock the world an announce his international retirement soon after.

Roberto Baggio (Italy vs Brazil, 1994 FIFA World Cup final)
Roberto Baggio
Unarguably, the biggest penalty to be missed was during the FIFA World Cup final in 1994 between Brazil and Italy. After playing out a 0-0 draw in additional extra time, the game went into penalties. After trailing 3-2, Italy needed Roberto Baggio, their star performer to score in order to keep their hopes alive. As luck would have it, the saviour shockingly missed the target and in turn handed Brazil their fourth FIFA title, an error that will haunt him for life.

David Trezeguet (France vs Italy, 2006 FIFA World Cup final)
The two teams courageously fought out a 1-1 draw with the match moving into penalties. After both teams found the net in the first go and Materazzi taking the lead to 2-1, French striker Trezeguet's attempt met the bar. Italy went on to score all five goals and despite France netting the next two, they failed to clinch their second World Cup title.

Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea vs Manchester United, 2008 Champions League final)
After the two teams played out a 1-1 draw in extra time and penalties went on to 6-5, the French footballer came on to give the Blues a fighting chance, but failed due to a brilliant Van der Sar save that saw the Reds lifiting the trophy.

Zico (Brazil vs France, 1986 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal)
During the clash against France, Zico came on as a substitute and also won a penalty shot for the team soon after. Little did the Samba boys know that Zico was about to miss a golden chance as the goalkeeper easily blocked his attempt. The game moved into penalty shootouts and thoough Zico scored there, France went on to dramatically win the match and progress into the semis.

Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich vs Chelsea, 2012 Champions League final)
After a Drogba goal in the 88th minute gave Chelsea life in death stages, Bayern had a chance when they were rewarded a penalty that could seal their hopes of a CL title. Arjen Robben then stepped up but missed the penalty that forced the match into extra time. To add to their woes, Chelsea went on to win the penalty shootouts 4-3 and clinch their first Champions League crown.

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