Public would never have forgiven me for playing with injury: Ishant Sharma

Adelaide: It was in Australia where Ishant Sharma first made a good impression on India's 2007-08 tour. Ironically, it is here where he endures probably his darkest hour, being out of the World Cup due to an ankle injury. Soon, he will have to say goodbye to his teammates.

Ishant Sharma
Ishant Sharma 

"The public would never have forgiven me for playing with an injury. I tried my best to get fit but I just couldn't make it," Ishant told mid-day here yesterday.

"I was to undergo a fitness test (on Saturday) but I knew it would be a futile exercise. I would not have been able to deliver. I had to take a call."

This is the second time Ishant has missed out on a World Cup. "Everyone wants to play in a World Cup, but I didn't want to let down my country. I tried my very best but I realised I wouldn't have been 100 per cent fit," he said.

Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma 

Mohit Sharma, who has taken his place in the World Cup, will be up to the task, according to the injured fast bowler.

"My good wishes to the team… especially Mohit. He's a good bowler and I am sure he will perform well for India," Ishant signed off.



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