Why Jada Pinkett Smith loves playing 'hot headed' Fish Malone in 'Gotham'

London: Jada Pinkett Smith loves her role as Fish Malone, who's a 'hot headed little woman', in the upcoming TV show 'Gotham'.

Jada Pinkett Smit
Jada Pinkett Smit. Pic/AFP 

The 42-year-old beauty stars as the gang boss in the series, which has been set in pre-Batman Gotham City, said that her character made has made her explore new different and "dark side" of her personality, the Mirror reported.

She added that the "fun" role had given way to her "shadow" to come out and live in Malone. Pinkett Smith, who's married to actor Will Smith and has two kids with him, would be soon in the Warner Bros. alongside actor Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, which follows him as he rises from rookie detective to future Police Commissioner.

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