Pune: Woman thrashed for 'wearing short dress, roaming with men'

The police registered an FIR a whole week after the woman was attacked in Pune by the gang of men, who dragged her out of her car and thrashed her and her friends

“How can you wear such a short dress and roam with two males at such a time? In Pune, this is not allowed.” This is what a 22-year-old woman was told by a gang of men, even as morning was breaking. They dragged her out of the car, attacked and threatened her.

The victim shows her injury marks
The victim shows her injury marks

The woman was put through further distress when she turned to the police, who finally agreed to register an FIR a whole week after the incident.

Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta
Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta

The incident took place on May 1, as the woman was returning from the sangeet rehearsal for her friend’s wedding. Speaking to mid-day, the woman said, “At 5.30 am, while we were passing by the Lullanagar main signal, one car started driving parallel to our car. The window glasses were tinted, but a man rolled down the glass and peeped into our car.”

The man then started hurling abuses at her and her friends. The gang of men in the car followed her all the way home, and intercepted her car there. One of her male friends tried to intervene, but was hit by the accused. That was when the other men dragged her out of the car and hit her. The victim said she feared she could have been raped if her friends had not intervened.

“I dialled 100, but no one answered. The cops arrived an hour later and filed an NC (non cognisable) complaint. After I got to know what an NC is, I visited the Kondhwa police station so many times. I finally managed to file a proper case on Sunday,” said the traumatised victim.

Two of the accused men, Amit Mukhedkar and Shubham Gupta, have been arrested. Police is on the hunt for the rest.

The accused allegedly threatened the girl, saying she could do anything to them, as they are influential. “They gave me their names and numbers. They know my address too, they said. They all seemed drunk. They left, only to return five minutes later, with 10 to 15 men brandishing rods and sticks, threatening us,” narrated the woman.

The police did not comment on the delay in filing the FIR, but said, “We have registered an FIR under Sections 354, 323, 504 and 34 of the IPC and have arrested Mukhedkar and Gupta.”

Cop speak
DCP Arvind Chaweria of Zone IV (under which Kondhwa falls) said this was a case of burking – practice among cops who avoid filing FIRs to control the recorded crime rate. “An FIR was filed in the matter on Sunday. Two accused have been arrested and others will be nabbed soon. There was a delay in filing FIR and burking was done. Strict action will be taken against cops responsible for not taking FIR,” said the DCP.

He added, “The victims should always read and verify their complaints before signing it. If they feel action is not taken, they should approach senior cops.”

  • Ketan Kilpadi10-May-2016

    This is not the first time for Pune Police, they have a bad reputation, there have been incidences where they have demand money to take down a FIR even if its for a simple mobile theft.Pune Police needs a real shake down from the top to the bottom.

  • grey09-May-2016

    This is not the first time that the police in Pune have been negligent. This is habitual on their part. Common citizens are at the mercy of the so called powerful people and the Police just turns a blind eye. I have completely lost all hope from the Pune Police.I feel sorry for your plight. and That is all we can do.

  • Deepak10-May-2016

    Where is Fadnavis? Where is Uddhave? They are ruling the State and the cities and they are answerable

  • gaurav mehra11-May-2016

    shame on you pune police it is not just pune it is the same everywhere probably a little better in mumbai but everywhere its the same hope all citizens take this up seriously..........

  • raj09-May-2016

    Even the senior officer were some day juniors so they listen to and act what juniors says, more over to show good rapo the concern police station try to avoid registering the case as much as they can, so the records will speak that everything is under control (at the cost of common ppl peaceful life.

  • R K SHARMA09-May-2016

    Where is our super cop? Madam it seems still you dont have a proper grip on the administration other wise it is impossible that a FIR is not registered for 8 days.This case has a different side which needs to be investigated as it doesn't seems to be a case of wearing short dress.All the concerned officials should be booked for refusing to file an FIR.

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