Yuvraj Singh's father to Dhoni: Why are you not using my son's spin in WT20?

Yograj Singh, father of India's 2011 World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh, is angry at his son not being given a bowl in the ongoing World T20 where Team India has mostly played on slow turners

Mohali: Yograj Singh brings up the famous lines of Mukesh's song Chal Akela from the 1969 movie Sambandh as he talks about the journey of his famous son Yuvraj Singh.

The father stresses on the following lines: Tera koi sath na de toh tu khud se prit jod le; bichhauna dharti ko karke arre aakash odh le; pura khel abhi jivan ka tune kaha hai khela… chal akela, chal akela, chal akela. The thrust of the song is, 'keep walking alone even if there is no one to support/accompany you'.

Yuvraj Singh walks with his equipment at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali near Chandigarh on Saturday. Pic/AFP
Yuvraj Singh walks with his equipment at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali near Chandigarh on Saturday. Pic/AFP

Yograj (58), who played one Test and six ODIs for India in 1980-81, is still to get over the hurt after his son got dropped from the Indian team a couple of years ago.

"There is great pain in my heart about the way my son is being treated. Why was he dropped from the Indian team? Is it because of the (2014 World T20) final against Sri Lanka?

Yograj Singh
Yograj Singh

Different yardsticks
"There are bloody 10,000 cricketers playing for the country. They have not been performing time and again, but why do you have different yardsticks for different people," Yograj says in an interview with mid-day on Saturday.

Yuvraj made a comeback into the Indian team just in time for the World T20. Since then, he has not quite set the stage on fire as was expected. In 10 T20I innings, he has scored 234, batting mostly at No 5, with his best being 60.

"I have played under the greatest captain — Ashok Mankad — so I know what is going around. After not playing international cricket for two years and then making a comeback is fantastic — hats off to him. The captain expects him to perform and then suddenly drops him to No 7 (against Bangladesh).

"What the f**k is happening? What is the captain trying to prove?," asks Yograj, not hiding his ire over Yuvraj's batting position being changed.

"When shuffling happens too often, questions arise in the mind (of the player) and that this is not cricket. A player wonders whether he is needed or not. The captain has to be very careful in what he is dealing with.

'Don't worry son'

"I have told my son not to worry because his time will come and that is just around the corner. Let me see MS Dhoni being dropped for two years or anybody else getting dropped and making a comeback to the Indian team and whether they score a single run," Yograj blasted.

Yuvraj, who was instrumental with his bowling as well in India's 2011 World Cup win, has bowled only 14 overs in 14 matches, claiming four wickets at an economy rate of 6.71.

In the ongoing World T20 where Team India has mostly played on slow turners, Yuvraj is still waiting for Dhoni to toss the ball to him.

"If he (Dhoni) does not like him, he should bloody well tell the selectors about it. If he has got anything personal with him, he can take it out, but by doing this, you are destroying the team. Imagine Yuvraj not bowling on such turning wickets where he has claimed 15 wickets in the 2011 World Cup. The world is watching this," said Yograj.

Veteran all-rounder Yuvraj will play his second T20 international on his homeground here today. In his first, against Sri Lanka on December 12, 2009, his unbeaten 60 off 25 balls (3x4, 5x6) earned him the man-of-the-match award in India's six-wicket win over the islanders.



  • Abhishek01-Apr-2016

    well said Yograj, Dhoni has been playing politics for long, he has taken things granted since he got blessing of BCCI, mainly Srinivasan. He wants to give chance to only his chamchas, he never given the credit of the two world cup to players who won actually .. it was not Dhoni .. It was Yuvraj Singh, Sachin and Gautam Gambhir, Yuvi was man of the series in 50 overs world cup, whereas Gautam was the highest scorer in both finals which India won, and last but not the least Sachin was in team

  • Sam27-Mar-2016

    Yograj's frustration is very much justified and valid. Looking at the way Dhoni is treating Yuvi, it is very well visible, things are just not right between the two. Statically, Yuvraj is a much better bowler than Raina with 27 wkts frm 54 mts @ 7.09 rate, compared to Raina who has 12 wkts frm 60 mts @ 7.21. Dohoni is just ruining Yuvraj's comeback. Also in batting, Dhoni promotes himself when there is ample amt of overs to play around, and then promote Yuiv when there is only 8-10 balls to play

  • RAJESH27-Mar-2016

    you shuld appreciate dhoni for giving chance to your son his not in form and there 10000 cricketers waiting to paly for team india past is past now his in out of form please accept that

  • Kumar Iyer27-Mar-2016

    Ask this guy just 'Shut Up'.

  • Francisco Fernandes28-Mar-2016

    I would smash a six in yuvraj singh father's mouth so that he keeps his mouth shut or open forever and does not shake.

  • Joe Chakeu27-Mar-2016

    Yograj singh is an bloody alcoholic, who does not understand anything on cricket. Just because he played one test cricket does not mean beans. There are several cricketers like him. Be thankful that Yuvraj has got a chance, he does even deserve that place. SHUT up Yograj singh

  • Indian29-Mar-2016

    Yuvraj should ask his father not give unnecessary interview like this

  • Vikas Zamin28-Mar-2016

    No wonder Shabnam left him....

  • bond28-Mar-2016

    Why the heck Midday is interviewing this idiot? Just to rake up some controversy? A one track guy with a one track mind. Why can't Yuvraj score some more runs?

  • s.narayana27-Mar-2016

    Mr Yograj you dont bat your innings with your words. There is BCCI , Team Manager , Team Captain who shall take care of the team. You have no rights to complain about our team captain. The statistics proves that he has been a sucessful captain ever India has produced. You have been nagging , barking, crying for your son quite long. You claim that Dhoni has sabotaged your sons career. When ever has dropped its a collective decision and not Dhon's personal choice. Dont disturb the Morale...

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