• The case of two Bikaners

    Two sweetmeat stores within striking distance of each other in Bhandup bear the same name, Bikaner. The reviewer bug in us drew us to visit both the stores to solve this curious similarity

  • Chef Ranveer Brar shares his recipe for Salli Boti

    Chef Ranveer Brar reveals that the Salli Boti served at Ashmick’s Snack Shack at Bandra is a favourite because it is sweet, sour and spicy in equal measures

  • A fun, casual space for snacks in Lower Parel

    Roller Buns Cafe is a casual eatery with all the pegs to make it a popular hangout, thanks to its vibe and most importantly, for its lip-smacking food

  • Five fried snacks to make the most of this monsoon

    It is pouring, and you have good reason to stay in with the aroma of sizzling ghee, crackling masalas and golden-brown fried stuff, which makes the rains memorable

  • Healthy snacks just a click away

    Dubai-based nutritionist and inch-loss expert Rashi Chowdhary’s Protein Bake Shop offers a plethora of snacks, free of gluten, lactose and sugar, to satiate your sweet tooth

  • The 4.30 am breakfast call

    Early morning breakfast seekers from Chembur and other parts of Mumbai shouldn't miss out on delicious Idlis, Medu Vadas, Poha and other snacks whipped up by a group of gifted moonlighting cooks from Mandya in Karnataka, as Nevin Thomas vouches for

  • Shocking: Rat filmed eating a snack at Mumbai airport deli counter

    Video shows the rodent munching on food at airport food counter. The person who posted the clip on Facebook claimed it was filmed at Mumbai airport Video courtesy: facebook/bharati.athwani

  • Snacking, snoozing are luzuries Arjun Kapoor can hardly afford

    Eating and catching up on sleep might be routine for many but actor Arjun Kapoor feels that these two activities are luxuries that actors can hardly afford

  • Cheese Khari at Tip Top

    We've found a wickedly twisted version of the flaky, layered biscuit that may make you order a creamy cappuccino to accompany it instead of the usual "cutting" glass of strong, milky tea

  • Queen goes nuts over her snacks

    Phone hacking trial reveals the British monarch was so angry at police officers eating her Bombay mix and stealing cashew nuts at Buckingham Palace, that a memo was sent out ordering them to stay away from the snacks

  • Nirvana in bites

    Located in the corporate hub of Lower Parel is the newly-opened House of Nirvana Caf �. Head here for some appetising snacks, a cuppa of your favourite brew and unwind on the beanbags that dot the tiny cafe

  • Juhu's Copa offers prompt service and creative ambience

    True to its name, Juhu's newest hotspot Copa (Spanish: glass) offers an array of options for guzzlers and teetotallers alike with a heady ambiance to compliment it, but its snack menu needs a shake-up

  • Five most interesting adaptations of French fries on Mumbai menus

    The timeless junk food, French fries, has been stripped off its plain Jane avatar and is now being doled out in several gourmet versions

  • Drama as 3-year-old boy locked in car for 2 hours

    The child was locked when the driver went off looking for snacks and the mother went to a doctor at Ambernath; officials let the parents off with just a warning

  • On surfing and snacking

    The fact that cricketer Jonty Rhodes is an ace fielder and a sought-after fielding coach is well known but few are aware that he's a foodie as well.

  • 12 died, 15 injured in a hotel collapse in Secunderabad

    Twelve people were killed and 17 injured when a hotel, known for its Iranian tea and snacks, collapsed in Secunderabad.

  • Mumbai's street food just got healthier!

    There's good news for desi snack addicts who are keen to turn a healthy leaf. Many of Mumbai's quintessential street food favourites are now available in oil-free and baked versions

  • Best snacks from around India to enjoy during the rains

    During the four monsoon months of the year, come drizzle or downpour, there's only one thing that can keep us sane � piping hot comfort food and snacks. The rain water might refuse to recede in your neighbourhood, but there's nothing that a plate of awesome snack can't cure. Deep fried, pickled, sundried or steamed, Moeena Halim discovers hatke monsoon specials from across India

  • Hot grubs for a rainy day

    Make this monsoon doubly memorable by gorging on some sumptuous snacks as you watch the rain pour outside

  • Good times with Bhel

    The Guide turns food scout as IT source Pune in search of the best, most, hygienic eateries that dish out this tasty Indian snack in its varied avatars