Cricket legend Brian Lara dating beauty queen Jamey Bowers

Mar 01, 2014, 08:33 IST | Agencies

Miss Scotland Jamey Bowers admits to her relationship with West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara; says it was Lara, who helped her get over a bitter split from ex-boyfriend

London: Miss Scotland Jamey Bowers on Thursday spoke of her relationship with West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara, reported British tabloid The Sun.

Miss Scotland Jamey Bowers during last year’s Miss World in Indonesia. Pic/AFP.

Jamey said it was Lara (44), who helped her get over a bitter split from ex-boyfriend Andrew Driver, a footballer who played for British club Hearts. Lara and Jamey (24) are both born in Trinidad, and while Lara has previously disclosed his affection for Jamey on Twitter, she hasn’t done so until now.

West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara

“It’s early days. I didn’t want anyone to know, but Brian’s been declaring his love all over the place,” Jamey said on Thursday in Edinburgh, where she is scheduled to lead the annual carnival.

‘Didn’t know him’
Jamey and Lara were introduced to each other by ex-Manchester United star Dwight Yorke. “We have been kind of seeing each other for a couple of months. Dwight introduced us at his summer fete and we hit it off. I had been away from Trinidad for many years and know nothing about cricket, so I didn’t really know who he was. But he was a bit mysterious, flirty and fun.”

Jamey was shattered after her former boyfriend Driver, who quit Scotland to play for Major League Soccer’s for Houston Dynamos, one day returned with his new girlfriend. “It was a very difficult time for me. I just found out before Christmas that he had a new girlfriend when he came home to Scotland with her. That was the closure I needed to be able to move on with my life and that’s when Brian and I started getting closer.”

Jamey said she was hesitant to take things forward with Larta initially. “I had dated a footballer before and now Brian was this cricket superstar. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go there. But we’ve been having fun and it’s slowly progressed from there. He’s been in Trinidad and I’ve been in Scotland, so it’s mostly been Skype and phone calls.”

Twenty-year age gap
Speak of the 20-year age gap between the two and Jamey is quick to dismiss it. “It doesn’t make a difference to me, and my mum thinks he’s great. It’s nice to have a mature man who knows what he wants.”

Meanwhile Lara, who has two daughters Sydney (17) and Tyla (3) with Windies’ model and journalist Leasel Rovedas (37), has already spoken about Jamey on social media. In Edinburgh last December, he tweeted: “At the Missoni Hotel chilling in my room visiting my girlfriend. Not much to do, it’s freezing outside.”

Then, after spending Christmas with his daughters he tweeted: “Can’t wait to see @jameybowers.”

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