Dial O for Optimism: mid-day's election ambassador Girish Gogia

Apr 20, 2014, 06:07 IST | Girish Gogia

Girish Gogia became 90 per cent paralysed after a diving accident in Goa. Today, this Mumbai resident is a wheelchair user, but has never missed an opportunity to vote, being carried by a team of people to the poll booth

I cannot stress enough the power of positive thinking. During my darkest times, I saw the power of how sunlight at the end of a tunnel can turn your night into day, your despair into delight.

Today, I know that so many of us are at our wits end when it comes to politicians.

Yet, I say, become optimistic, use your imagination, and dare to believe that your vote can make a ‘developed India’ possible.

It is inaction that creates nothing and action that creates change.

So what if I and my wife Eesha are 90 per cent and 70 per cent paralysed, respectively?

No matter how small a step it may be towards building the nation, if all of us take positive steps forward, I am sure we shall pave the right path and reach the abundance that lies in store for us.

Girish Gogia

Disability is just in body, and not in mind. Come on Mumbaikars. Your optimism will infuse a sense of hope into the nation.

Change is within the reach of everybody, but we can grasp it only when we realise the power of VOTE.

If he can, why can’t you? Vote!

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