Four arrested for movie-inspired murder, robbery

Sep 17, 2013, 07:49 IST | IANS

Inspired by the Hindi movie "Bombay to Goa", a former employee of a warehouse and three associates, including a woman, murdered a security guard and robbed Rs.10 lakh from a Delhi warehouse, police said

All four were arrested, but police were only able to recover about Rs.1,000 from them.

Dinesh, a former employee of the warehouse at Gokalpuri in east Delhi, was joined by three friends -- Rajbir, Dinesh and Sangeeta -- in the crime. All four were arrested Monday morning from the Sonia Vihar, northeast Delhi, police said.

"They scaled the high walls Sep 6 night, and reached the roof over the third floor of the warehouse. The guard on the roof, Mukti Paswan, resisted their intrusion and was killed," said Additional Commissioner of Police Ravindra Yadav.

In accordance with their plan, the four got into the warehouse, broke open its locker, and took away Rs.10 lakh, the police officer said.

Police said that the four got their idea from the 1972 adventure-comedy film featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha, "Bombay to Goa". They had watched the movie just before planning their robbery attempt.

Dinesh had earlier worked in the logistics wing of warehouse. He was aware that the cash collection of the company was kept in the locker on the second floor of the warehouse.

He shared the idea of looting this cash with his neighbour Rajbeer. Subsequently, Rajbeer, his wife Sangeeta, and Dinesh hatched the conspiracy to loot this cash.

For having adequate manpower to accomplish their plan, Rajbeer's brother-in-law Purshotam was included in the plan, since he had links with criminals operating in Uttar Pradesh, police said.

Asked what in the film inspired the four, the police officer said he had not himself watched it, but was only recounting what the four said during interrogation. 

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