Haryana policeman arrested for firing at doctor

Aug 29, 2013, 09:35 IST | IANS

A Haryana police officer was arrested Wednesday after he fired at a government hospital doctor in Karnal town, 130 km from here.

Doctor Nipun Kalra was on duty at the trauma centre of Kalpana Chawla Medical College and Hospital in Karnal when sub-inspector Kashmira Singh, in uniform, arrived at Kalra's room.

After a brief conversation, Singh pulled out his service revolver and shot at Kalra from across the office table.

The doctor told police that Singh wanted him (doctor) to prepare a fake medico-legal report to favour his (police officer's) relative in a case.

The bullet did not hit the doctor as he moved away just in time.

Police said the incident was recorded on the hospital's CCTV. The TV grab showed two other people were present in the room when the incident happened.

Singh was booked for attempt to murder.

The doctor alleged that the police arrived almost 30 minutes after the firing took place.

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