"Napster changed how bands performed"

Feb 17, 2014, 10:00 IST | Dhara Vora

When it comes to the godfathers of Thrash Metal, Megadeth is right up there, along with Slayer and Metallica. Fourteen studio albums and several changes in their line-up later, Megadeth are in India, their third visit, for the MTV Xtreme Rock and adventure sports festival in Noida. Dhara Vora spoke to frontman- founder, Dave Mustaine before their concert

Has the passing of the years affected the sound of Megadeth?
You grow old, you want different things in life and you share this and reflect it in your music. That change has happened to me too, I am not what I was as a teenager. We go through a lot through a lot of different emotions such as love, anger, sadness, jealousy, and all of it is different from what it was before.

(From left) Shawn Drover, David Ellefson, Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick of Megadeth. Pics/AFP
(From left) Shawn Drover, David Ellefson, Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick of Megadeth. Pics/AFP

Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine
Frontman Dave Mustaine

Your audience has changed as well. How do they react to today’s music as compared to when you started out?
Napster (the music sharing website) changed everything: how we (bands) were performing. Some bands don’t like to go out, tour now, and just (want to) sell records. Earlier touring would be the real way to the crowds. We would listen to the whole records before. Now people listen to one song, probably not the whole song too, and declare that the band sucks. It’s totally different now.

What has been your approach to social media and the Web?
Not many would know, but on October 31, 1994, we were the first band with a website. Our website was called Megadeth Arizona. We were into this thing from the very beginning. Even before Twitter, there was this company then from San Francisco called Sayin Out, where one could leave messages for people and interact with them. We are not saying that we invented Internet like Al Gore does, but we were doing it, chatroom and all. Gene Simmons from Kiss said I want a website like Dave.

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