These experts will ensure you maintain your New Year's resolutions in 2018

Updated: 31 December, 2017 16:15 IST | Nasrin Modak Siddiqi | Mumbai

Think. Be Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. And if you've got a resolution, we've got the person to help ensure that no amount of excuses weaken your resolve

Dr Kanan Khatau Chikhal

Our Expert : Dr Kanan Khatau Chikhal, Individual counselling, relationship and performance coaching
YOU PAY: Rs.2,800 per session

Dr Chikhal often finds clients who struggle with work-life balance. Instead, she suggests moving to work-life harmony because "harmony allows things to co-exist, especially in a city like Mumbai where we are always running out of time". A common problem she notices these days is addiction to gadgets and social media. "The want to reach out to others in a virtual world even in a room full of people is our need to fill a void within. The first thing I ask my clients through assessments is to figure out what the void is. Once that is established, I ask them to replace it with activities that can fill that void and give that exact same feeling - of being happy, content, elated, etc. Next, we do exercises to help them love and accept themselves, so that they don't go out seeking validation online. The process of deaddiction is a slow one and requires immense patience."

Best Win: The VP of an organisation who improved his performance and got positive feedback from the team, by cutting down on social media presence and being more available to people and ideas offline.PRO TIP: Move away from social media: And instead, make real human connections. Tell one person each day that you understand them.

Vinod Channa

Our Expert : Vinod Channa, Fitness through online media and gyms
YOU PAY: Rs.12,500 per session (in person) or Rs.25,000 for 12 sessions online

With his 22 years of experience, Channa has learnt that it is best to assess clients by studying their lifestyle first. "Their physical activity, age, and exposure to the sun matters first. Then comes strength, stamina and flexibility." He says that due to our sedentary lifestyle, most of us do not use certain muscles and joints. This results in weight gain and loss of muscles. The mind and body coordination, is impacted the most, so, unless you work on these aspects, doing even basic exercises becomes a task. This is why, he says, most people give up the gym within a month. It's also why gym injuries like joint dislocation and muscle wear and tear are common. "First you need to work on basic mobility and flexibility and then start working on your target," suggests Channa who recommends, "working out at least thrice a week, under the right guidance and a trainer who motivates you."

Best Win: Converting client, entrepreneur Abha Daani, who found even daily walks and playing with her kid a task, into a fitness addict. "I have lured her into working out with newer exercise forms and she loves every bit of it."
Pro Tip: Avail avenues: Today, there are more convenient ways of getting the best exercising guide through apps and online personal trainers. Stop giving the 'no-time' excuse

Siddharth Mangharam

Our Expert : Siddharth Mangharam, Connects singles in real life at distinctive events
YOU PAY: Rs.750-Rs.1,500 per event, membership plans Rs.3,000 per month; Rs.15,000 per year, onwards

On their invite-only membership website, there are 42 parameters on which they assess applications for membership. Some are binary (are you single?) and many are based on an interview they conduct. "We look for people who are educated, genuine and gainfully employed and expect them to be gracious, positive and open minded. One of the key things we look for is politeness, which seems to be lacking these days," says Mangharam. Once you become a member, you're invited to about 500 annual events including cookouts, vintage car rallies, board game evenings, sailing, single malt tastings amongst others where you get to experience something new and fun and also connect with like-minded people. Mangharam believes that "when you have the right people around, amazing things can happen. "We screen and bring like-minded people together to engage in activities. And then we sit back and watch the magic happen."

Best Win: When Floh member Tanya, a brand manager at an MNC, moved past a heartbreak and finally met the man she'd marry at a BBQ event. The couple is now expecting their first child.
Pro Tip: Be adventurous: Rather than engaging online, get out and use every opportunity to meet new people in the physical world.

Farzana Suri


Our Expert : Nisreen Mamaji, Financial Planning and Mutual Fund Distribution
YOU PAY: Nothing. Commission earned on Mutual funds distributed

Mamaji assesses her clients based on the degree of varying return-of-investment one is willing to withstand (risk tolerance) and expects patience, discipline and honesty with the suggested planner. "It's about making your hard-earned money work for you. We provide our clients with a realistic understanding of the market trends and work on suggesting the right asset allocation for them so that they can spend time doing more important things in life. Our role as advisors is also to distance the investor and the investments, so that practical, not emotional, decisions are made," says Mamaji who reviews her client's portfolio thrice a year.

Best Win: Getting the CEO of an MNC with FDs and life insurance policies, to change his investment plans and achieve his goal of sending his children to foreign universities for a masters' programmes.
Pro tip: Increase your investible surplus annually, by at least 10 per cent. Be disciplined by increasing your systematic investments in the same ratio

Nisreen Mamaji

Our Expert : Farzana Suri, Life Coach
YOU PAY: Rs.10,000 per session

Suri is a great listener who integrates the science of numerology to gauge potential strengths, weakness, and vulnerabilities of her clients. In return, she expects commitment and engagement. "After all, the decision to be victorious is the client's. A series of open-ended questions related to self-perception, character traits, relationships, financial proclivity help in categorising and assessing what a client may want or need from coaching." This analysis, she says, provides her with an understanding of the client's commitment and expectations. Based on the conversation and numerological analysis, I suggest transformational strategies using various techniques - Neuro Linguistic Programming, Graphotherapy (altering handwriting to achieve changes), art therapy etc. "My focus is on being a coach and collaborating with you for your success and not being a crutch," she adds.

Best Win: Helping a woman who had been sexually assaulted by her brother while she was still a teenager come to terms with the trauma and embrace the future.
Pro Tip: Change what you say to yourself. Stop blaming, abusing and being harsh with yourself and your body. Choose words that are uplifting and empowering.

Greeshma Thampi


Our Expert : Greeshma Thampi, Business and Personal Etiquette expert
YOU PAY: Rs.25,000 per session

A combination of questionnaires and self-assessment tools give Thampi an insight into her client's personal and work lifestyle, based on which she figures her consultation. "The first step is the willingness to bring about and carry forward the change, knowing well that it wouldn't happen in a day. I usually start by working on one behaviour at a time and encourage my clients to share their small victories, challenges and experiences with other likeminded people," says Thampi. The key is to not get disappointed if one is not able to keep up with their resolution. "There will be ups and downs. But, one must be consistent in their application of suggested techniques," she adds.

Best Win: Changing the persona of a newly hired CEO to project his best self not just in board meetings but also in the media. This was achieved through one-on-one coaching, practical learning and even personal shopping sessions.
Pro Tip: Break down resolutions into bite-sized goals - taking on one behaviour at a time

Aparna Wadhiwa

Our Expert : Aparna Wadhiwa, Stylist, Image Consultant and Corporate Trainer
YOU PAY: Rs.10,000 per session

Wadhiwa begins by understanding her client's lifestyle needs and the image they want to portray, in the personal and professional space, and then works out an appropriate wardrobe plan. In return, she expects her clients, "to be open to letting go of clothes that don't add value to their image anymore and also follow the wardrobe plan customised to their needs." After an initial session of identifying the personality type and sorting what stays and goes, she accompanies her clients on a shopping trip to "purchase pieces that will add value to their wardrobe". Usually, a follow-up is recommended after six months. She also makes lists for them for future shopping so that they buy the right pieces and not splurge.

Best Win: Creating a wardrobe plan for a client who spent too much. And also identifying styles to create more looks with fewer pieces
Pro Tip: Addicted to online shopping? Select and leave the items in your shopping cart for a few days or even a week. Go back and review them. Only purchase the items that still spark your interest.

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