Three questions with stand-up comic Radhika Vaz

Apr 08, 2014, 09:42 IST | Radhika Vaz

A lot of fun. More Mumbai madness. This city has no boundaries, like me

Q. How was the performance on April 4 and what are you looking forward to for the one on April 10?
A. A lot of fun. More Mumbai madness. This city has no boundaries, like me.

Q. Have you ever had to change content based on audience’s reaction?
A. Only if it’s a corporate show, and even then, I will get a sense of the audience before the performance. With paid audiences, I believe that they are all sophisticated enough to listen to whatever I have to say — they may not always like it but they will listen. I like to believe that if a comedian’s point of view is entertaining then it doesn’t really matter what they are talking about. I like to say what I have to say, not tailor it to what people want to hear — I win some I lose’s all part of this game.

Q. Have you ever touched a wrong chord during any performance and then felt horrible? On another note, tell us about your most favourite performance till now.
A. Oh! of course, I have, but I never feel horrible — the only time I feel bad is if I didn’t bring the energy to a performance. If I gave them a half-a**ed show, I feel crappy — apart from that, it’s all good. My style of comedy is very edgy; it’s about asking tough questions, making things a little uncomfortable — I have to go balls to the wall and not worry about anything — and most people get it.
My favorite performance is always the very first time I perform a show. The first time I take that one-hour of material out on stage, it’s like flying, like jumping off a cliff, it’s a rush — like getting high without the drugs.
On April 10, 8 pm onwards
At The Comedy Store, Blue Frog, Lower Parel.
CALL 61586158

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