Want to have vada pav and cutting chai: Elijah Wood

Sep 05, 2015, 12:30 IST | Ria Lawrence

Hollywood actor-musician Elijah Wood, who is on an India tour, expresses his wish to relish Mumbai’s street treats and take rickshaw rides for all his meetings and parties here

Right in the middle of interviewing Elijah Wood, one realises just why and how he has earned his ‘nicest guy in Hollywood’ tag. Unassuming and affable, Wood has earned an oddly indispensable spot in the big bad world of cinema. He’s been the indie film darling, but has also immortalised the role of Mr Frodo Baggins in The Lord of The Rings, possibly one of the biggest franchises modern cinema has seen, and is now pursuing his second love, Djing. Along with his ‘Wooden Wisdom’ console partner, Zach Cowie, Wood is on a three-city tour in India to put music lovers in an EDM trance. We caught up with the Hollywood star minutes before his performance. Excerpts from the interview:

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Elijah Wood

Q. What are your expectations from India?
A. A lot of dancing and fun, party loving people, hopefully. I got only a glimpse of the city on my way here, but it has such an infectious vibe; it’s growing on me already. I have been hearing all sorts of
crazy rumours about my trip though.

Q. Like?
A. The funniest was that I am traveling with four chefs and my own entourage. It cracked me up good. I mean all I have brought here is a bag with my headphones and musical instruments. I swear, that’s it!

Q. Are you aware of any Bollywood musicians?
A. Well, I am just a student. I am learning. But I am a fan of Asha Bhonsle’s… RD Burman and Bappi Lahiri too. In fact, we are mixing some of his (Lahiri’s) songs like Disco Dancer and Hari Om Hari. It should be fun. He is a smart producer.

Q. Why was your DJing talent so shielded from the limelight, until now?
A. I have been DJing for six years now, but I suppose it’s only recently that I have started taking it seriously enough to perform. I want to play in more countries — Brazil, Nigeria, Africa, etc. We had a crazy time in Turkey. It’s so exciting to see how music brings people together.

Q. Would you consider yourself a mainstream Hollywood actor now?
A. Oh, hell no! I am not in that circle. My life is so detached and there is so much other than movies that’s going on.

Q. You worked with the indomitable Robin Williams. How was it?
A. I don’t think I have met anyone as bright and kind as him. His death shocked me. I wish people were less judgmental about suicide.

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Q. If you could bring back one musician back to life, who would it be?
A. I would like to see what Kurt Cobain would have done if he had lived. John Lennon, too. Heck, bring all of them back!

Q. Are you excited about your trip here?
A. So very excited. I want to go out on the streets and have the vada pav everyone keeps talking about. Also the ‘cutting chai’; I am curious about it. Hopefully, I get time to do that after all the gigs are out of the way. I am also so amused by the rickshaws here and plan to travel in them for all my meetings and parties!

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