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Bodybuilding Steroids for Muscle growth: Top 4 Legal Steroids for Sale

Updated on: 25 January,2023 01:28 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Muscle mass steroids in Canada are considered as controlled substances and therefore are illegal to use for human consumption. It is strictly not allowed to manufacture, import, export, or sell any of the anabolic steroids and their derivatives.

Bodybuilding Steroids for Muscle growth: Top 4 Legal Steroids for Sale

Anabolic steroids are one of the most known terms in the world of muscle growth and development. Initially, the use of anabolic steroids was considered for some medical condition, but since their popularity grown for muscle growth, people start using them illegally to achieve their sports and fitness goals. Click Here to See Bulking steroids

4 Best Bodybuilding Steroids

In this article we will discuss some best oral steroids for bodybuilders that can help you gaining muscles and enhancing stamina at the same time.

Dianabol – Dbol steroids

Trenbolone – Tren Steroids

Deca durabolin – Deca Steroids

Testosterone – Testo Steroids

Bodybuilding steroids are famous among the circuits for their ability of boosting muscle mass, enhancing performance, and increasing endurance.

The anabolic steroids are the drugs derived from the main male hormone testosterone, which plays an important part in promotion and maintenance of muscle growth. Besides this, T-levels develop secondary male sex characteristic, such as voice deepening and facial hair.

While anabolic and androgenic steroids are widely known to build muscles and enhancing performance, they are also accompanied with the adverse effects, if used inappropriately.

Anabolic steroids are sometimes used in medical treatments, but the illegal use of these can involve a high range of doses as compared to the normal prescription.

When used for long-term without prescription, it can linked to severe health conditions. Because of its very side effects, the concern about the use of steroids has been growing worldwide. Most of the synthetic steroids offer great bodybuilding effects and in this article we will be going to discuss it in detail.

Bulking steroids for muscle growth

If you are a hardworking bodybuilder, you must be fully aware of the power of bulking steroids for muscle growth. The simplest way to make your bodybuilding regime a success is to stick with proper workout plan, eat right and health, and get plenty of good sleep. The landscape of bodybuilding has certainly changed with the anabolic steroids, but bodybuilders have massively improved their bulking results with them.

We have earlier discussed the top 4 bodybuilding steroids for muscle growth.

Some users prefer to use them as alone, while some users use them in combination with each other to maximize their fitness capabilities and muscle gains. In the next section, we are going to discuss the best muscle growth steroids stack for bulking cycle that can increase your muscle gains to next levels.

Best muscle growth steroids stack for bulking cycle

Stacking up steroids to enhance the results of bulking cycle is one of the most favourite games of bodybuilders. However, to gain the right results, you must have a good knowledge about stacking compounds and their effects when they work in synergy with each other.

With the right selection of best muscle growth steroids, you can make up a powerful stack for bulking cycle, which can be used by beginners as well with minimal risks. Besides having the know-how of compounds, you should also know the basics of dosages, cycle length, side effects and PCT information about the stack you are going to follow.

Considering the bulking needs from diverse aspects, following are some suggestions for best muscle growth steroids stack for bulking cycle that can offer you immense gains in muscles and power.

Super Mass Builder Stack: Dianabol/ Trenbolone/ Testosterone

These three are the most tried and tested anabolic steroids that are known for muscle growth. Just imagine how much powerful results they are going to deliver when they are combined in a stack. The muscle gains will blow your mind and your strength levels will be skyrocketed through the roof. With the right workout plan and proper diet, you can easily gain up to 20 lbs of muscle gain.


The cycle will be ideal to run for up to 10 to 12 weeks.

Just use Dianabol with the dosage of 40 mg per day along with testosterone with the dosage of 500 mg weekly for the first 6 weeks.

From Week 7 to 12, you can switch to Trenbolone with the dosage of 100 mg three times weekly along with testosterone 500 mg weekly (or split dosages of 250 mg twice weekly).


You will gain impressive strength and enhanced performance.

Your muscle gains will be faster and bigger.

At least 20 lbs of mass gains is expected by the end of the cycle.

Magical Mass Stack: Deca Durabolin/ Dianabol/ Trenbolone Cycle

Another powerful stack that we are going to suggest for bulking steroids is with these legendary compounds. The full impact of Deca will take some weeks to be shown in this stack, so the ideal duration to run the cycle with this stack is for 12 weeks. You will be able to see amazing pumps and better muscular growth with this bulking steroids cycle. In addition, it is a plus for beginners, as they can gain up to 25 lbs with this cycle.


This simple stack can be done in various ways, but the simple and tested one is shared below:

For the first 6 weeks use Dianabol with the dosage of 25 to 35 mg per day. For beginners 25 mg is suggested to use.

Throughout the cycle; i.e. from Week 1 to Week 12, you have to use Deca Durabolin with the dosage of 300 mg weekly and Testosterone at 500 mg weekly dosage.


You can achieve huge gains, anywhere between 15lbs to 35lbs.

The gains will be more for beginners, and moderate for the intermediate users.

Your strength levels will be unimaginable and you will feel more power than ever.

You will experience some mighty pumps and enhanced nitrogen retention.

Bulking steroids cycle

Bulking cycles are the mandatory quest for the bodybuilders who are seeking immense gains and increases in muscle hypertrophy. Though, many of these bulking cycles are harsh on the body, therefore it is always carried out with suitable steroids’ dosages especially for the beginners.

The bulking steroids cycle aid in the reconstruction of muscles with a suitable diet routine rich in proteins and calories. The bulking cycle will make a way to accelerate your muscle growth so that you can achieve that muscular body that you have always wanted. In spite of being controversial in the fitness world, anabolic steroids have offered amazing bulking results to a wide number of users.

8 week bulking cycle

Though, the use of anabolic steroids is linked with dangerous side effects and therefore are not recommended for human consumption. However, the results generated by Dianabol and other bulking steroids are undeniable. Many athletes and bodybuilders have gained their celebrity spot due to anabolic steroids. If you are wondering what an8 week bulking cycle can do with your body and what things you should do to gain at your best, check out the results to expect below:

While performing just 8 weeks of bulking cycle with Dianabol, you can gain around 20lbs of muscle and lose around 15lbs of fat.

Your ability to perform at gym will be enhanced and you can see the unstoppable you in the gym, performing more reps with increase weight.

You will be able to add variations in your strength training session and push yourself beyond your previous range in deadlifts, Squats and bench presses.

12 week bulking cycle

Bulking steroids like Deca Durabolin offer amazing muscular gains in just one cycle. Not only is it an effective steroid, but also a mild-acting compound that comes with the least possible side effects among the steroids’ clan. Heavy bodybuilders who care about the side effects of anabolic steroids prefer to run Deca Durabolin cycle to maximize their muscle gains with an extra boost of strength and endurance. Some bodybuilders like to add other steroids along with Deca cycle to enhance the lean mass gains and get immediate results. Following are the results you can expect from a 12 week bulking cycle:

With Deca, you have to wait for several weeks for the steroid to kick in to make difference.

It is best to do Deca Cycle with moderate dosages, as it is highly effective bulking steroid to deliver slow and gradual mass growth.

The results of mass gains will remain the same even after the 12 week bulking cycle of Deca Durabolin. 

Within 4 weeks, you will start noticing some muscle mass bulges with excessive energy and strength.

By the duration of 12 weeks, you would be easily achieving the gain of 20 to 24lbs of muscle mass.

Bulking steroids for sale near me

If you are searching for Bulking steroids for sale near you, it will be disappointing for you to know that it is a daunting task. As steroids are considered illegal compounds for human consumption in many countries, unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to get them easily available in the market.

Some steroids can be bought from the pharmacies, but only with the available prescription. However, if you are looking to purchase anabolic steroids for bodybuilding purposes, it would be difficult to buy them anywhere over the counter.

Where to buy muscle growth steroids online?

It is strictly not recommended to buy muscle growth steroids online from bogus online sites. Always make sure about the sellers authentication, as bogus and counterfeit steroid compounds can severely harm your health. Click Here to Buy Steroids online

In addition, the online purchase of steroids in illegal ways can also put you in legal troubles and you might get arrested.

Muscle growth steroids in USA

If you are keen to use muscle growth steroids in USA and you want to opt legally for it, the better way is to ask your doctor. Anabolic steroids can be legally prescribed to treat certain medical conditions in USA. If you will fall under that category of steroid hormone deficiency that causes loss of lean muscle mass, your doctor can easily prescribe you with the muscle growth steroids.

Muscle building steroids in UK 

Just like USA, anabolic steroids are not legal to be sold over the counter. Muscle building steroids are class C drugs in UK, which can only be purchased by pharmacists with a valid prescription. Steroids are legal to have for personal use in UK, as long as they are exported and imported by carrying out in person. It cannot be ordered via post or courier services.

Bodybuilding steroids in Australia

In Australia as well, bodybuilding steroids are only legal to use if they have been prescribed by a doctor as a proper medical treatment. It is strictly against the law of Australia to keep, make, use, buy, sell, or inject someone with anabolic steroids.

Muscle mass Steroids in Canada

Muscle mass steroids in Canada are considered as controlled substances and therefore are illegal to use for human consumption. It is strictly not allowed to manufacture, import, export, or sell any of the anabolic steroids and their derivatives.

Concluding Thoughts

The results of steroids for muscle growth and bulking are so impressive that I wouldn’t blame you to fantasize using them. In spite of the overwhelming muscle gains and strength results, we cannot deny the fact that they are the carrier of side effects and negative impacts on your health.

We therefore recommend our readers to choose legal steroids instead of anabolic steroids. If you are serious about bodybuilding with great muscle gains without any health risks, legal steroids alternatives are definitely the ideal choice for you.

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