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FortBite Reviews - Scam or Legit? Risky Fraudulent Customer Warnings!

Updated on: 01 June,2023 06:48 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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We believe that the product can help you, even if you feel like your oral health is at its worst. So, stay with us as we review the supplement and explain how it works and benefits teeth and gums.

FortBite Reviews - Scam or Legit? Risky Fraudulent Customer Warnings!

What Is FortBite?

Dental health specialists and scientists will tell you how hard it has become to optimize oral health ever since climate change has caused hazardous changes in the environment, including the food you eat.

A recent scientific discovery has found that microplastics are getting accumulated around your gums and teeth and slowly cause cavities and other dental health issues. Now, these microplastics are a new addition and most dental care products are not as advanced to combat them.

This is why the decay caused by this toxin is hard to reverse and the worst part is that almost everyone is affected by them. Now, it is true that there was no solution to this but ever since FortBite came into the picture, a ray of hope has emerged.

Formulated with some of the most potent herbs, FortBite is one of the most effective oral health supplements for flushing out environmental toxins from your dental microbiome. The blend has been carefully developed after years of research and careful analysis.

Additionally, to ensure that the supplement has the ability to deliver its promised benefits, the makers subjected the final blend to third-party lab testing. Fortunately, FortBite passed the test and has been declared a safe supplement that won’t cause any major side effects.

As soon as FortBite was released, it caught everyone’s attention, and rightfully so. The way it works for everyone and uses a unique technique to improve dental health is impressive.

We believe that the product can help you, even if you feel like your oral health is at its worst. So, stay with us as we review the supplement and explain how it works and benefits teeth and gums.

Product Name:


Product Category:

Dental Health Supplements

Product Form:


Total Content Per Container:

86 gm

Servings Per Container:


Prescribed Dosage:

Just take a small amount of the powder and apply it on your toothbrush to spread it across your mouth, then keep it in your mouth for 2-3 minutes and wash it. Follow this method twice daily, you can use toothpaste after FortBite or replace the former with the supplement entirely.

Side Effects:

None reported yet (Read reviews!)


Natural Cinnamon Extract, Clove & Peppermint, Myrrh & Ginger, Stevia, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Calcium Carbonate, and Lemon Peel.


  • Nourishes the root
  • Prevents cavities
  • Boosts the oral microbiome


  • One jar will cost $69.
  • Three jars will cost $177.
  • 6 jars will cost $294.

Official Website:

Bonus eBooks:

  • How To Deep Clean Your Teeth Better Than The Dentist
  • 30-Second Bad Breath Fixes

Money-Back Guarantee:

60 days

The Idea Behind FortBite

FortBite was primarily created to serve as a cost-effective alternative to expensive fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes. But, the creators of the supplement wanted to incorporate a revolutionary cleaning method that can not only remove but also prevent toxin build-up in the near future.

So, when the masterminds of FortBite came across a scientific discovery that explained how microplastics are ruining teeth and gums, they decided to search for herbs and minerals that can fight this phenomenon.

Finally, they discovered that two volcanic clays- bentonite and kaolin can actively get rid of most environmental toxins when used directly. As a result, these two components became the key ingredients, and a few more herbs and minerals were added to achieve a few more benefits.

Together, with 10 natural ingredients, FortBite was formulated to provide your teeth and gums the ultimate protection from hazardous elements.

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Does The FortBite Dental Powder Work?

Yes, FortBite works beyond a doubt. The volcanic clays in the powder actively wash out the microplastics and other toxins as soon as they come in contact with your teeth and gums.

The multiple essential vitamins and minerals in these clays have the ability to neutralize harmful components and put a halt to their tendencies of proliferation. Also, the antioxidants in both the clays can protect the periodontal tissue and prevent tissue damage.

Apart from the clays, FortBite has natural herbs with impressive anti-inflammatory properties to cure inflamed gum and fortify the mouth against inflammation-causing toxins and bacteria. With FortBite you can finally feel relief from red and swollen gums.

Furthermore, the peppermint in FortBite works efficiently to freshen up your breath. The invading bacteria and toxins can cause bad breath and lower your confidence. Thankfully, FortBite’s makers have paid attention to this and formulated the blend accordingly.

Is FortBite Safe For Everyone?

As a natural oral supplement, FortBite is generally safe and effective. However, according to the main website certain groups of people should stay away from it.

These groups include pregnant women, nursing mothers, and anyone below the age of 18 or suffering from illnesses that require potent medications. As a matter of fact, all these groups should stay away from all kinds of health supplements.

The logic behind this is very simple- if you fall under any of the above-mentioned groups, then it is highly likely that your body is undergoing internal changes daily. Now, the way FortBite’s blend will react to these changes is unknown so it`s safe to not consume it at all.

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A Brief Overview Of FortBite Composition

Below we have discussed some for the chief FortBite ingredients along with their scientific backing in detail:


Myrrh has antimicrobial properties that can help fight against harmful bacteria in the mouth. A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that myrrh essential oil was effective against Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria commonly associated with dental caries.

The study also found that myrrh essential oil was effective against other oral pathogens, such as Candida albicans and Porphyromonas gingivalis.

It has also been found to have analgesic properties that can help reduce pain associated with dental problems.

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Natural Cinnamon Extract

One of the key ingredients in FortBite is natural cinnamon extract. By adding natural cinnamon extract to FortBite, the toothpaste can provide the benefits of cinnamon extract to promote oral health.

The antibacterial properties of cinnamon extract can help fight bad breath and prevent tooth decay, while the anti-inflammatory properties can help improve gum health.

It can also help reduce inflammation in the gums, which can lead to healthier gums and prevent gum disease. Additionally, cinnamon extract has been shown to stimulate saliva production, which can help neutralize the acid in the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is added to FortBite for several reasons. Firstly, it acts as a gentle abrasive, helping to remove surface stains and plaque from the teeth. Unlike other abrasive agents, such as baking soda, kaolin clay is non-abrasive and does not damage the enamel of the teeth.

Secondly, kaolin clay has a high adsorption capacity, which means that it can attract and bind to toxins and impurities in the mouth. This makes it an effective ingredient for promoting oral health by reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Lemon Peel

Lemon peel contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is essential for healthy gums. According to a study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, it plays a crucial role in preventing and treating periodontal diseases. The study found that patients with periodontal disease had significantly lower levels of vitamin C compared to healthy individuals.

In addition to vitamin C, it also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help fight off harmful bacteria in the mouth. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that lemon peel extract was effective against several strains of bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans, which is one of the main bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

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What Health Benefits Can One Expect From FortBite?

The health benefits offered by FortBite are restricted to the mouth itself. Unlike other dental powders and supplements, FortBite does not focus on other areas of health which makes it very powerful and effective. Let’s discuss some of these benefits below-

Treats Periodontal Diseases

Toxins don’t just cause cavities, they have the potential to cause periodontal diseases too. Soon you will find yourself suffering from receding gums and sensitive teeth that do not seem to go away no matter what preventive measures you take. This is where FortBite can be effective.

The powerful antioxidants in the formula kill the bacteria and other foreign elements that cause periodontal diseases in the first place. Then these antioxidants try to calm your swollen and bleeding gums and other negative impacts caused by the disease.

Strengthens Enamel

While looking out for your teeth it is very important to ensure that the enamel or the outermost part of your teeth is strong and resilient. Often toxins and other bacteria weaken the enamel which ultimately leads to a chipped tooth that has to be repaired with fillers.

Fortunately, the herbs in FortBite optimally nourish the enamel and ensure that no hidden bacteria are causing harm to it.

Removes Plaque

Plaque build-up is unavoidable but every now and then people pay a visit to the dentist’s office to get them removed professionally. The only reason behind this is that plaque can gradually weaken your tooth’s core and encourage the growth of cavities.

However, now that FortBite is here, you can finally bid goodbye to plaque without the help of a dentist. All the natural ingredients in FortBite, directly or indirectly aim to remove the plaque with every mouthwash.

FortBite Pricing

Currently, FortBite is available on the main website only. You will find three packages suitable for your needs and the best part is that all the packages are eligible for free shipping.

We recommend the bulk package as you will need to use the supplement for at least 3 months and buying in bulk will save you more money. Let’s check out the prices below-

  • The basic package, or one jar of FortBite for 30 days, will cost $69.
  • The Good Value package or three bottles of FortBite for 90 days is priced at $177.Here, each jar will cost $59.
  • Finally, the Most Popular package or 6 FortBite jars for 180 days will cost $294. In this package, one jar is priced at $49.

Bonus Products

Another reason to purchase the supplement from the main website is the free bonus products that come with every 90 and 180-day purchase. The FortBite reviews have praised the bonus products for recommending natural ways to improve dental health.

How To Deep Clean Your Teeth Better Than The Dentist

The first bonus product is an eBook that will completely transform your dental routine by recommending herbs and other natural components to floss and clean your teeth with. Once you start using them, you will not need to visit a dentist to clean your teeth.

30-Second Bad Breath Fixes

Say goodbye to all the breath mints in your pocket. 30-Second Bad Breath Fixes has two unique fruits and other herbs to fix your recurring bad breath and ensure that the FortBite powder works properly to eradicate all the bacteria that cause smelly breath.

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What’s The Money-Back Guarantee Of FortBite?

FortBite has a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if your purchase does not seem satisfactory, you can return the supplement and ask for a full refund. The refund procedure takes 5 business days to be completed but your entire money will be refunded without any hassle.

What Are The Customers Saying About FortBite?- Some Real FortBite Reviews

Now, let’s check out what the FortBite reviews have to say about the powder.

Kathy’s review says, “I really enjoy this powder. I’ve never tried a powder before, but it’s pretty simple. My teeth feel clean, it tastes really great and I find that it definitely helps my gums stay strong. It seems to keep the tartar buildup from progressing too. And honestly, I’m loving it.”

Mike’s review claims, “You get a lot of tooth powder for the money. This will last me for at least one year, maybe longer. It smells very herbal but not unpleasant. It tastes pretty pleasant too. I`m enjoying the product and it`s so much better for you than typical toothpaste.”

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The Pros And Cons Of FortBite

No health supplement is without a few pros and cons. So, before you purchase FortBite, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages attached to the product-


Tastes Good

Unlike other dental powders, FortBite has stevia extract to ensure that you have a sweet aftertaste and do not develop an ick due to an earthy or herbal taste that natural dental supplements tend to have.

No Side Effects

FortBite has already received over 17,000 reviews and none of them have talked about any side effects. This goes on to show how safe and effective the product is.


Available Online Only

Unfortunately, FortBite is unavailable in physical stores and the only way to purchase it is to place an order on the main website. (Visit the official website >>>)


What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a common condition that affects the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. It is caused by bacteria in dental plaque, the sticky film that forms on teeth and gums. If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss and other serious health problems.

The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis, which is characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Gingivitis can usually be reversed with good oral hygiene, including brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and getting regular dental cleanings.

What Increases The Chances Of Developing Gum Disease?

Poor oral hygiene and a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates can contribute to the development of periodontal disease.

What Are The Root Causes Of Poor Oral and Dental Health?

Poor oral and dental health can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the main culprits is poor oral hygiene, which can lead to the buildup of plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Other factors include a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and certain medications that can cause dry mouth. Genetics can also play a role in the development of dental problems.

Can You Restore Your Dental Health Naturally?

While there are natural remedies that can help prevent dental issues, such as brushing regularly and eating a healthy diet, it`s important to note that some dental problems may require professional intervention.

For example, if you have a cavity, it`s best to have it filled by a dentist to prevent further damage. However, incorporating natural remedies, such as oil pulling and using baking soda as toothpaste, can aid in maintaining good oral health.

Final Verdict

FortBite is a trustworthy product. From the multiple positive FortBite reviews, the organic formula, the decent price, and the solid refund policy, we love every aspect of the supplement. It is worth the investment.

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