Ajoy Mehta during an interaction
Ajoy Mehta during an interaction

Municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta’s biggest challenge is to make his administration think of the future, instead of just focusing on the present set of problems.

Mehta, who interacted with the media at the Mumbai Press Club yesterday, admitted that the real problem he has been facing has been the way subordinate officers tackled issues.

He said if the administration thought properly, then there was no problem to get approvals for projects that are planned to meet city’s future demand.

He also ruled out a notion that multiple agencies created a roadblock in the city’s development. All agencies, including the BMC, have their roles defined and they are clear about what they are supposed to do, he said.

Weeding corruption
Mehta said his efforts to control corruption in the BMC would continue. “For the first time, we fixed a criminal liability and have brought the guilty to book. For the first time, officers of the rank of chief engineers were arrested (in graft cases),” he said referring to the roads scam.

Footpaths will remain free
Mehta admitted that the city’s footpath and walkways are in a bad state. “The clearing of footpaths, widening of roads will continue,” he said.