55-yr-old turns up a day late for flight, creates ruckus at Mumbai airport

A 55-year-old caused a ruckus on Saturday evening when he was not allowed to enter Mumbai airport. In fact, he had arrived a day late for his scheduled journey and naturally, the CISF manning the security gates, did not allow him in.

IndiGo said the flier had abused staffers. Representation pic/AFP
IndiGo said the flier had abused staffers. Representation pic/AFP

That was when the Chennai resident, G Paul Fredrick, started hurling abuses at the staff near departure gate number 1. He repeatedly claimed that he had been issued a wrong boarding pass and he had booked a flight for April 16, even though his actual booking to Chennai was for an IndiGo flight (6E459) on April 15.

After being snubbed by the CISF, Fredrick approached the IndiGo ticket counter, where the staff informed him about the mistake. He then started demanding a refund.

“He was shouting and using abusive language while talking to the IndiGo staff and other people. CISF staff tried to pacify him but he just wasn’t ready to leave the terminal premises. He was yelling continuously,” said an airline official, on condition of anonymity.

At about 8.10 pm, the IndiGo staff took him to the airport police station.

“On complaint of a female IndiGo staffer, an NC was registered vide No 125/16 against him under Section 510 of the IPC (misconduct in public by a drunken person). He was however released around 11.50 pm after imposing a fine of Rs 1,200.”

Fredrick left for Chennai on Sunday morning.

IndiGo confirmed this incident. According to their records, a passenger had a confirmed booking on 6E 459 from Mumbai to Chennai for April 15 but he was a no-show.

“On April 16, a passenger reported at the reservations counter around 8:10 pm. He was accompanied by a taxi driver, and was on a wheelchair. All the other passengers, staff witnessing this incident observed that the man was drunk. The staff informed the passenger about his no-show status. This annoyed him; he then misbehaved (while being drunk) with the female staff. He also clicked her pictures and abused the other staff and passengers standing at the reservations counter. This passenger was handed over to the local authorities for further investigation,” said IndiGo in a statement.

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