A pit stop at your doorstep

Imagine getting your car cleaned and gleaming at your doorstep. Launched for the first time in Mumbai, uses the technology of Pressure Steam, washing your car from the outside to the inner corners and ventilators of your car including the vents of the air conditioner.

Pressure Steam
Representative pic

It steam cleans and sanitises the inner parts of the car from corner to corner in 29 minutes. Steam is the purest form of disinfecting agent, thus making your vehicle hygienic. Steam-clean technology is safe and recommended for the engine and the electronics of the car, be it an SUV, a vintage, a hatchback or a sedan.

Once you log in to the website, you can book an appointment and the car cleaners come to your doorstep. Only two bottles of water are used, without any chemicals and soapy detergents unlike what you would find in a traditional car wash.

Log on to:
Time: Services available from 8 am to 6 pm any day

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