Aarti Singh: I entered Box Cricket League because of Mrunal Jain

Jan 28, 2016, 12:07 IST | The Hitlist Team

Actress Aarti Singh is a part of Mrunal Jain’s team Ahmedabad Express co-owned by Nandish Sandhu. Aarti Singh says it is because of her bond with 'Uttaran' co-star Mrunal Jain that she is in the team.

Mrunal Jain and Aarti Singh
Mrunal Jain and Aarti Singh

Says Aarti, "Mrunal was the first person I befriended on the set of 'Uttaran'. I love him and trust him to the core. I came into BCL because of him. In fact, Tina Datta, Mrunal and I are good friends and have a blast together.”

Mrunal says that they knew each other from before but their bond developed only when they began doing 'Uttaran'. "I knew Aarti from the time when she was doing 'Parichay' and I was doing 'Bandhini'. However, our bond developed when we began shooting for 'Uttaran'. We have a strong connection and can talk about anything under the sun. Professionally, I feel that she is very talented and works hard,” he says.

“Aarti was the first actress I got on board the Ahmedabad Express. I remember that she asked me no questions and didn’t even bother reading the contract. She trusted me blindly and said yes,” concluded Mrunal.

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