TV actress Rashami Desai rushed to hospital after meeting with an accident

Rashami Desai
Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai who is playing lead Saawri in 'Dil Se Dil Tak' met with an accident for the third time in the same show.

A source from set reveals she was to hit the mannequin with a rod in a scene and by chance the rod hit her above her right-eye eyebrows and the unit got concerned and she was rushed to hospital and got five stitches.

She is on heavy antibiotic dose and resting at home. On being contacted, Rashami confirmed saying, "It's the third time I got injured. Previously once I fell from stairs during a sequence and at another time a car hit me and I fell down. The elbow pain from previous fall is still there and now this."

"I am on rest for two days atleast before I resume shoot. The production and unit have been cooperative," she added.

We wish you a speedy recovery Rashami!

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