Mumbai: After 2-month hunt, auto driver spots passenger, returns Rs 1 lakh necklace

Feb 03, 2016, 11:15 IST | A Correspondent

An auto rickshaw driver’s two-month-long search for a passenger, who had forgotten her gold necklace, worth Rs 1 lakh, in his vehicle finally bore fruit. The Ghatkopar-based Honest Abe traced the passenger and handed over the lost piece of jewellery to her.

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Hansraj Khatri, Hiramati Khatri and auto driver Arun Shinde
Hansraj Khatri, Hiramati Khatri and auto driver Arun Shinde

On November 17, Hansraj Khatri (67) and Hiramati Khatri (62) residents of Kama Lane, Ghatkopar boarded an auto and asked the auto driver, Arun Shinde (50) to drop them at Ghatkopar station.

Lost all hope
Hansraj says they realised that Hiramati’s necklace was missing after they reached the platform. The couple immediately went back and looked for the auto, thinking that the necklace must have fallen there, but the auto had already left. The couple returned to the spot a few times searching for Shinde but couldn’t find him and lost all hope. Meanwhile, Shinde too was searching for the couple.

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On January 17, while driving near a market close to Hiramati’s place, Shinde saw her and approached her. He asked Hiramati whether she recognised him. When she couldn’t place him, Shinde reminded her of the incident, and told her that she had left her necklace in his auto. He asked her to come to his home and take the necklace.

Happy to help
Speaking to mid-day, Hansraj said, “Shinde took Hiramati to his place and returned her gold necklace. Hiramati said she wanted to reward him, but Shinde refused and said he only wanted her blessings and nothing else and that he is happy that he found them.”

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