Ahead of their gig, Delhi band The Circus' Arsh Sharma talks about their new album

Delhi-based band The Circus knows how to Rock ‘n’ Roll, and their latest album, With Love, continues their fine form. The seven-track album is the band’s result of trying to tweak their sound and sound mature.

Alternative Rock band, The Circus
Alternative Rock band, The Circus

“Our music had certain sounds, energy and enthusiasm when we were younger. Now we are older and jaded; so, we wanted to create music that could relate to this change. The energy is still high but it is representative of what we are today,” says Arsh Sharma, the guitarist and vocalist of the band. Old? Jaded? Curious, we prod Sharma who reveals that he is 28, and likes to sound older. The band also includes Abhinav Chaudhary on bass, Abhishek Bhatia on vocals (he and Sharma write the lyrics) and Anshul Lall on drums.

With love, the new album by  The Circus
With love, the new album by The Circus

Talk veers into the making of the album that took three years. Sharma recalls,"We would meet every few days and make music but we didn’t like what we created. It took us time to figure our headspace, understand our likes, and get the detailing right. We mainly had to get our method together, and it was like starting the band from scratch,” he admits.

But, why the change, we ask."Not everyone wants to (reinvent). I am fickle-minded and the entire journey of our music is an exploration to find what we can do and always question what we are doing. I get bored doing the same thing,” reveals Sharma. The angst that reverberated in their previous songs is still there. Sharma reveals that this vibe is largely because Bhatia and he are similar and have a collective consciousness.

Sharma also seems unaffected on the larger picture in Rock music."I write what I wish to; you can’t keep thinking about what’s happening and make music based on it. Do what you want to do and the climate (music scene) will always be there. You have to simply stay true to yourself and write what you mean,” he summarises.

On: March 3, 8.30 pm
At: Hard Rock Café, Fun Cinema Lane, Andheri (W).
Call: 26743901

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