The incident took place during Pulse, the institute's annual festival. The intern was reportedly inebriated

While the booze flowed and loud music kept all doctors in their best party mood, somewhere in the institute, the fervour couldn't quite reach. The yearly festival organised by students of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Pulse, kicked off on 16 September. The 39th annual All India Literary, Socio- cultural and Sports Meet organised by the institute featured many competitions and other events. During the festivity, however, a senior resident doctor was allegedly beaten up by an intern and his "gang".

Pulsating with anger? AIIMS annual festival 'Pulse' in full swing, in New
Delhi on Monday. PIC/Rajeev Tyagi

According to sources, the doctor was stopped by an intern who was given the job to check the identity cards of all those who entered and exited from the venue. According to the sources, the intern was in an inebriated condition.

Exit punch
"The resident was leaving from the venue when he was asked to show his identity card. Even after he did so, the intern started questioning him and a tussle broke out. The intern then punched the doctor on his eye," said one of the doctors on the condition of anonymity.

Though reportedly a police complaint was registered, nothing official has been confirmed as yet. "We don't have any knowledge about the issue," said a Delhi Police official.Doctors said a similar incident had taken place
two years ago. "We witnessed a similar event two years ago. In Pulse 2009, a junior resident was beaten up by interns. If we take no action against them, such incidences will happen again," said another doctor, who wished to remain anonymous. "What if they were drunk? They don't have a license to hit anybody. These guys should be punished," added the doctor.

The other side
Dr Y K Gupta, official spokesperson, AIIMS said, "We have no information about the incident. But if anything comes up, we will surely take some action."