Air India pilot refuses to take off after elderly passenger throws up

Jan 10, 2016, 14:30 IST | A Correspondent

Air India flight AI 191 (Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Newark) that was supposed to depart in the wee hours of Saturday was delayed by four hours after the pilot denied boarding to an aged elderly lady passenger.

AIR India flight AI 191

The incident occurred when the flight took off from Ahmedabad and landed in Mumbai for its international departure. As is procedure, when a domestic flight at a stopover is scheduled to depart as an international flight, all passengers have to go through certain procedures. During this process, the said passenger felt ill, and the on duty MIAL doctor had to rushed to the boarding area.

It is learnt that Hemalata Jagjivandas Patel, 70, was suffering from diarrhea and was also throwing up.

However, the MIAL doctor later declared her fit to fly. The passenger was in fact, ready to resume her journey, when the pilot refused to take her on board. The flight was further delayed as Patel had to be offloaded. Patel was flown back to Ahmedabad by AI 130.

The Air India spokesperson refused to comment.

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