Angry BJP workers greet Kirron Kher with black flags, eggs in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Some disgruntled BJP workers on Tuesday greeted actor Kirron Kher, when she arrived in the city after the party nominated her for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat, with black flags and threw eggs at her cavalcade.

The workers termed her as an "outsider". There’s resentment among a section of BJP workers after 58-year-old Kirron's name was announced by the party on Saturday as candidate for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat, polling for which will take place on April 10.

Kher, who reached here by an afternoon flight, was shown black flags at a few places enroute by a group of party workers, sources said.

Anupam and Kirron Kher

Actors Kirron and Anupam Kher.

She was accompanied by former MP Satya Pal Jain, who was earlier a contender for the Chandigarh seat, which is currently represented by Congress' Pawan Kumar Bansal.

At a couple of places, the workers also raised slogans against her, claiming that she was an "outsider". They created ruckus at the BJP's party office later.

Eggs were also thrown at a car by some activists in which her actor husband Anupam Kher was travelling, though Kirron was not in that vehicle.

The party has named Kher as the candidate from Chandigarh, "ignoring" three frontrunners including Satya Pal Jain, Chandigarh BJP president Sanjay Tandon and former Union minister Harmohan Dhawan.

When Kher's candidature was announced by the party on Saturday, there was resentment in the Chandigarh unit of the BJP, leading to a few resignations by some office bearers of the city unit.

Meanwhile, Kirron tried to downplay the protest against her by a section of BJP workers.

Seeking to reach out to those who were protesting her candidature on the grounds that she was an 'outsider', Kirron told reporters that she had her roots in Chandigarh and also had connection with neighbouring Himachal Pradesh.

"I am a daughter of Chandigarh. I was born and brought up here. I have lived here. Those opposing me are also from the BJP family. We will pacify them," Kirron said.

From the Chandigarh seat, where polling will be held on April 10, former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal is seeking re-election as Congress nominee.



  • jeet19-Mar-2014

    kirron kher should not do this as this step will take her to that corner where one can not dig out development for the Nation neither can progress in making efforts for the Naion. Showing black flags can not make out anything the main thing is that she got to know about the mistake she is making by joining BJP.

  • megha19-Mar-2014

    i think the TV entertainers are good in entertaining as Kirron kher can not do any thing its just the fame and the popularity she is heading behind. In Chandigarh the flags and the eggs are not the way to greet they should not have done it but the main thing comes behind is that kirron kher should not waste time with BJP and should move on back to the the earlier field.

  • kriti19-Mar-2014

    i do not understand why do bjp always want those leaders who are corrupt and are of no use Kirron kher being a generous leader have simple assumptions. and to implement those assumptions Kirron kher is standing in Chadigarh. i know the party she choose do not implement any progress but this time i think Kirron will do it.

  • indra19-Mar-2014

    when people have never studied politics and are into the entertainment sector then how can they just come and enter into politics assuming as leader. People should think about it and this also proves that BJP has never taken correct step to initiate the growth and the progress of the Nation.

  • radhika19-Mar-2014

    i think the black flags show the immaturity and the wrong step been taken by Kirron kher as joining BJP is the worst step taken BJP is a party who have no set procedures to follow they just have money to invest in their promotion which people think of development. She should think about it once again before getting elected as its no ta movie its a real time development planning going on.

  • agaam19-Mar-2014

    Chandigarh is a city where most of the people have great thinking and the lifestyle also differs the unity and the prosperity can get disturbed if BJP come into the power as the communal thinking will de-unite the people and after one more communal thinker kirron kher i think Chandigarh should be careful.

  • sanna19-Mar-2014

    the dynamic step will not stay more its today in paper for the joining and tomorrow it will be a different story its just a promotional technique been used by BJP for increasing there USP and we all know this thing that BJP can take any step to provoke the people of the Nation.

  • swapnil19-Mar-2014

    Kirron kher is a actress and i think what actors do she got to do the same thing. there is no need in joining politics as what people today need is a good leader not a famous personality to lead. BJP is the one of the communal party which have thinking to divide the Nation and joining in the same field Kirron kher have taken wrong step.

  • kiran19-Mar-2014

    the thinking matters a lot this party have not adone anything for the Nation. Kirron if by taking a thinking of developing the Nation by joining this party then i say she thought a wrong thing and such things should not be given priority. this party will never think about the secular nation plus BJP never do anything which contribute growth of the Nation.

  • shobhit19-Mar-2014

    slogans and the protest done if not correct as she is new and she also have not done anything yet the main thing which people should say is why she joined BJP. BJP is a party which think about them selves and this thinking can not create a democratic environment.

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