There were quite a few moments from the 1992 World Cup that are still fresh in my memory. Like in the game against England at Adelaide when we were bowled out for just 74.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan 

I was batting with Zahid Fazal and the ball was moving so much. I still remember Dermot Reeve bowled six balls and I did not connect even one. I was just hanging around.

Fortunately, it rained and we got one point each. That was quite a breather and kept our hopes alive.

The game against Australia was the turning point. Imran came into the dressing room with the tiger T-Shirt. He gave a speech for 30 minutes and turned the mindset around.

We were all ready to go home. At that point, Pakistani newspapers had already printed our return flight details. But to Imran's credit he changed our mindset with that speech.

He basically said that we are going to win the tournament. We thought to ourselves 'what the hell, why is he saying this?'

But Imran believed in us more than we did in ourselves. Then the semi-final, I remember the slower ball to Mark Greatbatch. But it was all about that Australian game when we really got confident. Nothing stopped us after that.