Buenos Aires: Argentine footballer Patricio Toranzo said on Saturday he was lucky to come off so lightly from the traffic accident suffered in Venezuela.

Patricio Toranzo
Patricio Toranzo

After the team bus of Argentine club Huracan flipped over on Wednesday in Venezuela, while on its way to Caracas airport, the 33-year-old midfielder had four toes amputated from his left foot, Xinhua reported.

Writing on Twitter on Saturday, he said, “I have no words to thank all the help from local players, from our executives, from the Quemero people (Huracan fans) and from Argentina.

“My gratefulness is eternal to you and to my family, who were extremely worried about my situation without knowing what had happened,” he continued.

According to Toranzo, this accident was the most severe crisis to affect the club of Huracan in its history.