Arjuna Ranatunga not surprised at Sri Lankan players' IPL snub

1996 World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga angry, that only one Sri Lankan player was bought at the Indian Premiere League auction

Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga has reacted sharply to only one current Sri Lankan cricketer being bought at the Indian Premier League auction that concluded in Bangalore on Thursday.

Sri Lankan all-rounder Thisara Perera during his stint with Sunrisers Hyderabad last year

“I am not surprised,” said Ranatunga at Thisara Perera being the only current international player bought — by Kings XI Punjab. “He was picked just to show that there was no diktat (not to pick Lankan players). Do you think a player like Mahela Jayawardene doesn’t fit in to any IPL team? Kumar Sangakkara (who opted out of the League) and Mahela have won many matches for their teams.

Arjuna Ranatunga

“I had requested Mahela and Kumar not to participate in the IPL long ago. Now, they know why I prevented them,” said Ranatunga.

While Perera was bought on Wednesday, Lasith Malinga has been retained by Mumbai Indians while retired Muttiah Muralitharan was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore. Ranatunga suspects that the islanders were not bought because Sri Lanka did not support the plan for India, Australia and England to run world cricket at the recent ICC meeting in Singapore.

When informed that teams may have not gone in for Sri Lankan players since they are not available for the full tournament, Ranatunga shot back: “I don’t buy this argument because in the past there have been many instances of players not playing the full tournament.”

Ranatunga is not ruling out his country’s support to the Big Three. “I am not confident that Sri Lanka will not bow down to pressure ultimately. Now, it’s the age of give and take. Cricket has already taken the backseat,” he said yesterday.

Sri Lanka’s best-known skipper has always been anti-IPL. “I am not in the Sri Lankan cricket board, but I know the people of Sri Lanka are with me. From what is going on in the running of the game, people have realised that I was not wrong. I was against IPL right from Day One. Ultimately, the next generation of players will suffer for playing a lot of T20 cricket,” Ranatunga said.

  • Bhuvanesh04-Mar-2014

    why rantunga care about IPL stay out of it . it is not SL tournament it is indian Tournament

  • FRN25-Feb-2014

    Why the hell should India worry about a small country like SL...Ranatunga was always anti IPL because he wasnt paid money by India to support IPL which he expected. SL players were always bought when they could play majority of the games...What is the sense is taking them when they will be in England this year???? And if any SL player doesnt want to play in the IPL, by all means get lost.....IPL doesnt need SL....SL needs India and the IPL

  • Dammika15-Feb-2014

    As a SL yes we are with Anjuna. We are not against Indian people ... But we are against your managers of the game. Dear Indian fans truth is bitter and I doubt it will reveal by someone forever ... Even 2011 WC final was fixed by financially powerfuls of BCCI and high ranking SL govt authorities ... All SL are aware of it ... But gone is by gone ... Cup remaibed in asia. Indian team & SL team when play cricket we still enjoy the game

  • Zag07-Apr-2015

    Me. FRN why u ask India should worry about a small country like Sri Lanka. Because they are the current world champions of this format (beating India comfortably in the finals) it can't be only tactical that only one player has been bought. There is politics behind this too. If tactics play a role many of Sri Lankan players are ahead of players from Australia, England, SA,NZ considering IPL is in the subcontinent. We Sri Lankans don't bother that our players don't play in the IPL.

  • Melai Illa Modan15-Feb-2014

    Well Indian are Indians. Last ten years have not changed them but they might feel that they are great. mean to man Sri Lanka has a better cricket team. All three must refuse to play in IPL.

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