"Arun Lal has been discharged recently and recovering well," said Dr Pattatheyil Arun, chief of the Head and Neck Oncology Department at Kolkata’s Tata Medical Center (TMC).

Arun Lal
Arun Lal. Pic/Shadab Khan

"Arun Lal is a TV personality and every care was taken to retain his appearance. Lots of attention on his cosmetic appearance was required as well," the surgeon, who performed the surgery on Arun Lal, said from Kolkata on Saturday.

Dr Arun credited his team comprising Pratik Jain, Neha Gupta, Phub Shering and Soumit Prasad for the successful surgery.

Treatment not yet over

"The treatment is not over. He needs some rest for the tissues and then come again for more treatment before you can see him and listen to his commentary. "It is a difficult time for him, but he will be able to recover fully and the world can see Arun Lal as he was before," said Dr Arun. Later, speaking from his home, Arun Lal said: "I am progressing well and will be able to do commentary in another two months’ time."