Aussies must focus on mental aspect, says Mark Waugh

Former Australian Test opener Mark Waugh said next week's batting camp organised by Cricket Australia (CA) must help the top-order to address the mental preparation as much as technique.

Former Australia opener Mark Waugh. Pic/Getty Images

Waugh said loss of confidence was inevitable after a long run of batting collapses. He said it was up to individual players to pep themselves up while reinforcing the self-belief of teammates.

"They've got to forget about the collapses, each batsman has just got to worry about his own game. Then you'll score well as a team," Waugh was quoted as saying by The Age.

"It's up to each player to probably look over their career and look over their good times and know they're good enough to succeed at this level, then make a few minor adjustments to their techniques.

Batsmen in the squad normally help each other out as well. If there are technical problems, they're normally the best players to talk to the other players in the side. There's no magic involved, just a bit of belief in your ability and a bit of hard work," he said.

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