Beastie Boys seek extra USD 2.5 million in copyright suit

Jan 21, 2015, 06:32 IST | PTI

New York: American hip-hop band Beastie Boys, who won their case against a soft drink company for using their songs without permission, are now seeking their lawyer fees from the company.

The band has demanded additional USD 2.5 million from energy drink company Monster to cover legal fees in the two-year-old copyright case that ended in 2014.

The group sought USD 2 million in damages and was awarded USD 1.7 million in June following an eight-day trial.

The band, formed in 1981, originally comprised Adam Horovitz, Michael Diamond and Adam Yauch. Yauch died of cancer in 2007.

According to the New York Post, a team of four lawyers representing Horovitz and Diamond argues in their legal filings that Monster "failed to engage in good faith negotiations to resolve this matter and repeatedly sought to increase the cost of ultimately litigating this matter.

"Monster's tactics significantly increased the costs for Beastie Boys to vindicate their intellectual property rights, such that, absent an award of attorney's fees and costs, plaintiff's success at trial would become a Pyrrhic victory," the lawyers added.

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