Beyonce Knowles slammed by parents over risque performance

London: Beyonce Knowles has been slammed by parents for her risque performance on 'Drunk In Love' at the Grammy Awards.

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles. Pic/Santa Banta 

During her performance, the 32-year-old singer opened her legs on a chair in a G-string before she came undone during an apparent wardrobe malfunction, reported.

The 17-time Grammy winner also humped her tush up against her hubby Jay Z after he joined her on stage, which further angered parents.

One of the tweets read that opening Grammy song performance inappropriate for young children, thank you Beyonce with the hashtag “ChannelChange”.



  • who cares29-Jan-2014

    That is complete hogwash!!! Beyonce didn't even have a wardrobe malfunction. She also didn't grind up against her husband. Towards the end of the performance she and her husband stood with their backs against eachother. Grinding is what Miley did during her MtV performance and up against a married man too. Those parents who have complained about Beyonce's performance and used their children as an excuse to do it, ought to be ashamed of themselves!! What were their kids still doing up anyways? They shouldve been in bed for school the next morning. Shame on those parents for their bad parenting. Also shame on The uk metro newspaper and the editor who printed the article for alleging that Beyonce is a whore due to her GRAMMY performance. They had no right to slander Beyonce's name/character the way they did. Hopefully Beyonce will sue them for defamation and or for slandering her name/character.

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