'Bigg Boss 9': Aman Yatan Verma posts 'status message' on Day 2

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In the ninth season of 'Bigg Boss', a new feature has been introduced in the house where every morning a contestant will be allowed to express what's going on in their mind by posting a message through the TV slot.

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The contestant will be required to type out the message and post it for everyone else to see.

In today's episode, Aman Yatan Verma will be the first participant getting the opportunity to post a 'status message'. He will be seen sharing the message about his experience of spending two days in the 'Bigg Boss 9' house.

Aman VermaAman Yatan Verma

Curious to know what he wrote? Read Aman Yatan Verma's status message below:

'Bigg Boss 9': Aman Yatan Verma posts 'status message' on Day 2
Aman Yatan Verma's 'status message' 

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