Bihar govt to provide mopeds to 10k fishermen to deliver fresh fish to consumers

Patna: The Bihar government would provide mopeds to fishermen to help them rush fresh fish to consumers. In the first phase, a total of 10,000 fishermen across the state would be given the two-wheelers, Bihar Fishery Development Minister Baidyanath Sahni told PTI today.

The fishermen interested in availing the facility have been asked to apply. The mopeds with ice boxes attached would be given under a scheme of National Fishery development board.

The Bihar government would make available 25 per cent of the cost of the vehicle as subsidy, Director Fishery Nisht Ahmad told PTI. While the cost of one moped is Rs 36,000, an additional Rs 4,000 is the cost of ice box which would be attached to it, Ahmad said.

Sahni said the objective behind making available moped to fishermen is to help them rush their fish in the market and also take them to doorsteps of the consumer.

It has been seen that the process of catching fish from river or pond and taking them to markets take a long time and it kills freshness of fish so this time could be curtailed with the help of mopeds, the minister said. He said the vehicle would also provide them relief from carrying the basket of fish on their head and keep their catch fresh away from the impact of the sun.

Ahmad said according to 2003 figures there are more than 49 lakh fishermen in Bihar. The state consumes 5.80 lakh metric tonne of fish annually while its production potential is 4.32 lakh.

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