Bird hits in Delhi, Bangalore affect GoAir flights in Mumbai

The two affected aircraft were to fly to Mumbai and then go to Delhi and Goa

It was a troublesome Sunday for passengers of GoAir yesterday, after two flights were cancelled due to bird hits. While the passengers created a scene at the domestic airport, some passengers of SpiceJet also created a ruckus after they were denied boarding for their flights.

An airport official said the GoAir flights G8 327 (Delhi-bound) and G8 371 (Goa-bound) were cancelled as two incoming aircraft, which would be used for the flights, were grounded at Delhi and Bangalore. A spokesperson of GoAir later said the passengers were accommodated on other flights.

“Both the aircraft, G8 327 and G8 371 were cancelled, as they suffered bird hit related damage. All the passengers were accommodated on subsequent GoAir flights and on other airlines. Bird hits are a significant menace at many airports across the country.

Damage to aircraft engines and air frames results not only in substantial repair cost to airlines but also leads to disruption of planned flights. At GoAir customer comfort and safety are of paramount importance. Our customer service teams ensure inconvenience to travellers is minimised,” said a GoAir spokesperson.

Another delay
Around 6.30 am, more than 30 passengers of SpiceJet began to protest at terminal 1B. Shankar B, a passenger who saw them said, “The passengers flying to Bangalore and Hyderabad yelled for the duty manager of the airline as they were clueless about the happenings.”

The chaos resulted in intervention by Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel in the matter. The passengers said they were denied boarding because of overbooking. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), in case boarding is denied, there are regulations to provide compensation to the passengers.

This includes providing alternative arrangements, refund of fares and/or monetary compensation for the inconvenience caused to the passengers. SpiceJet officials did not respond to mid-day until the time of going to press.

Past protest
SpiceJet flight SG2458, Mumbai-Jabalpur, was delayed on July 17 this year due to unknown reasons, and upset passengers protested and shouted slogans at the Mumbai airport. With no clear message from the authorities about the duration of the delay, or the reason behind it, passengers got agitated and started shouting in the Security Old Hold (SHA) area.

According to airport officials, SpiceJet flights to Delhi, Jaipur, and Bangalore were also delayed afterwards, leaving the passengers annoyed. The passengers then tried to stop boarding of other flights. The situation worsened to such an extent that the local police had to be called to handle the situation.

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