Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy. Pic/Santa Banta

>> Brittany first honed her acting skills in regional theater at the age of 9. By 13, she had signed on with a manager and began appearing in TV ads.

>> She played the trumpet and piano. She took dance classes six days a week, as a kid. She was also a great singer. She was the lead voice of her band Blessed Soul.

>> Due to her invariably silly laughs in Math's class, her nickname in school was Crack Baby Brittany.

>> She was half Italian, a quarter Irish and a quarter Eastern European.

>> She was the former girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher.

>> She had a breast cancer scare and got lumps removed from her right breast.

>> She kept a notebook by her bed and would write poems in the middle of the night.

>> She sparked rumours of a cosmetic surgery after she was photographed in New York with what an augmented upper lip.

>> She reportedly left her entire estate to her mom, and nothing to her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack.