Bizarre: 7 youths held for 4 hours for playing cricket in Mumbai society

The young men were taken to the police station following complaints from a pesky resident

Seven youths had to pay a heavy price for playing cricket on their society premises in Bhayander on Saturday. Following a complaint from a resident, the police decided to take action immediately and took them to the police station.

The youths, in 15-22 age group, were detained by the police on Saturday for playing cricket on their society premises
The youths, in 15-22 age group, were detained by the police on Saturday for playing cricket on their society premises

The incident occurred around noon on Saturday when seven boys, aged 15 to 22 years, were playing cricket in their society, Veetrag Tower in Bhayander (West). During this time, a resident, Bhavarlal Mehta, called up the police, alleging that the boys had been creating nuisance in the society and that his wife had been severely injured after being hit by a ball a few days back.

After receiving 4-5 such complaints from Mehta the same day, two constables from the station arrived at the spot, and without informing the youths’ parents, took them to the police station. According to the boys, they were detained for more than four hours, and the cops seized their bats, ball and stumps as well.

After some time, when their parents started searching for them, they found out that their sons had been taken to the police station. They rushed to the station. Father of one of the boys said, “The cops should have informed us before they detained our kids. Playing cricket is not a crime.

Our society’s chairman and secretary have given permission to play cricket in the compound. It’s summertime and our kids have every right to play in the society.” Said father of a 16-year-old, who was among those detained, “Police did not release our kids even after we reached the station.

This is the first time our children have been brought to the station and taken into custody like criminals. Sachin Tendulkar must have broken mirrors in his society, but that does not mean he committed a crime.” When mid-day came to know of the incident, this reporter called the senior inspector of the police station, Bhaskar Pukde, and informed him about the incident.

After the call, Pukde ordered the officers present at the station to release the youths immediately. The cops let them off after a warning. A 17-year-old detainee said, “We were held for nearly four hours. They warned us against playing in the society. Even when our parents arrived to take us home, they were not ready to release us.”



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    Bhavarlal Mehta will be taken to task soon. Start counting your days

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