Sunshine story: Blind girl Nikita Shukla proves Mumbai has a big heartNikita Shukla

A chance encounter with a Radio City 91.1 Radio Jockey Sucharita Tyagi has put forth a struggle-against-odds story of a visually impaired girl Nikita Shukla.

It so happened that When the 21-year-old came to collect a contest prize held by the radio station, she met Sucharita and in a chat she agreed to go live with her story that will not only melt your heart but will also inspire you.

Here's what Sucharita said,

" When we run contests, we try and pick up as many calls as we can, yet many go unanswered, so for one to get through On Air, is a big deal. One such lucky contest winner was Nikita Shukla, a third year law student at GLC, currently living at a hostel in South Mumbai. When Nikita came to Radio City's office to claim her prize, she requested to meet the RJs."

"Nikita is completely blind. Something her parents were not very excited about and wanted to get her married right after high school. When Nikita refused and insisted on studying further, she was asked to leave the house. Nikita's father runs his own business."

Nikita misses her family a lot and even broke down on the show and said that she is not in touch with her family after she was thrown out of the house for 'wanting to study'.

Sunshine story: Blind girl Nikita Shukla proves Mumbai has a big heartNikita Shukla at Radio City

"Broke and without plan, Nikita bought a ticket to Mathura and was about to leave the city, when her friends convinced her to stay back. Her friends helped her secure a place in hostel and continue studying to be a lawyer."

Sucharita told mid-day, "Not only her friends but she also received helped from her professors, Rotary Club, small scholarships that would ensure that she gets to study for 2 years along that would also include her other expenses."

While money has started coming a bit now, Nikita had to struggle for three years when sometimes she only had dinners and survived for Rs 20 a month. "The hostel fee paid in one go, gave her 20 free dinners a month, and thats what she would eat All this while, scoring about 80% on her exams."

The beautiful part revealed by Sucharita is that the radio channel collated data and went around collecting cheques made out directly to Nikita and Mumbai proved that it has a big heart.

Sucharita said, "Yes, there was a trust factor. People trusted us because as a Radio channel we must have done research and hence not a single Mumbaikar asked for proof and opened their hearts and gave money to help Nikita."

Nikita was overwhelmed with the response she got and couldn't believe that people willingly gave money.

Considering that many people has come forward to help her, RJ Sucharita has now started a fundraising page aka 'Ketto' where people can come forward to help Nikita.