BMC recovers Rs 9 lakh in 5 months as fine for breeding of mosquitoes

Jun 19, 2016, 08:31 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

The BMC has recovered Rs 9.20 lakh in the past 5 months as fine against breeding of mosquitoes. The action was taken by the BMC's pest control department as part of a pre-monsoon drive.

The department is involved in routine identification and detection of mosquito breeding spots in Mumbai. As part of the drive, workers from the department go door to door to check premises and collect samples. The civic staff did 39.87 lakh house visits between January and June this year. Of these, they found anopheles mosquito breeding in more than 600 spots. The larvae of the anopheles mosquito gives rise to Malaria.

Meanwhile, the breeding of Aedes Egypti was found in 1,969 spots. This breed of mosquitoes is responsible for dengue.

The drive will continue in the future. Wards E, H/East, G/South, K/east have had the largest breeding of Aedes Egypti mosquitoes. Meanwhile wards E, G/South, K/West, P/North scored high on breeding of Anopheles.

The BMC has appealed to people to support their attempt at preventing monsoon related diseases.

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