Parineeti Chopra and Hardik Pandya

So the Parineeti Chopra-Hardik Pandya relationship is untrue, after all. Worse still, it was just a marketing gimmick by a mobile phone company that succeeded in fooling many social media users.

It all started with Chopra tweeting a picture of a bicycle and captioning it: "The perfect trip with the most amazing partner ?? Love is in the air!!!" Pandya commented: "Can I guess? I think this is a second Bollywood and cricket link. Great click by the way."

The actress replied: "Hahaha. Maybe. Maybe not. All I can say is that the clue is in the pic itself!!!"

Twitter users went into overdrive with many warning the cricketer to focus on his game rather than romance. Now, it turns out it was all a smart marketing plan.

Chopra has posted a video message to "clarify" that her "perfect partner is my new phone from Xiaomi India."