Boxer Amir Khan cheats on wife, beds French model

Britain's Olympic champion boxer beds French model while his pregnant wife is due next month

English boxer Amir Khan has apparently cheated on his pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom with a French hottie Eglantine-Flore Aguilar, reported British tabloid The Sun.

Boxer Amir Khan with wife Faryal Makhdoom. Pic/Getty Images
Boxer Amir Khan with wife Faryal Makhdoom. Pic/Getty Images 

The report claimed Khan flew Aguilar to London last month where he slept with her at a £385-a-night (approx Rs 36,000) hotel suite after which he even asked her to sign a letter gagging her over the same. The pugilist's wife is due to give birth next month.

Aguilar (21) told the British tabloid: "Amir is a hypocrite. He wanted me, flew me to London to satisfy his needs, then tried to ensure I didn't talk about it. He is a role model to millions and claims to be a doting family man, but he's nothing better than a sordid, cheating sleaze-ball."

Khan (27), an Olympics (2004, Athens) silver medallist who turned professional thereafter, was on a training break in Los Angeles in February when he began chatting with Eglantine via social networking site Instagram.

Eglantine-Flore Aguilar.  Pic courtesy/
Eglantine-Flore Aguilar. Pic courtesy/ 

Two months later, on March 16, Amir flew Aguilar over from Paris and had sex with her at a posh London hotel. Aguilar even took pictures of Khan's expensive watch and bracelet to prove her claims.

"The session lasted about 20 minutes and was very loving. He treated me like a princess. He is a sweet simple guy but the fact he purports to be a loving, religious family man makes him a huge hypocrite. He's a total fraud," added Aguilar.



  • Saima08-Apr-2014

    Khan keep it in your pants!!!

  • Janak08-Apr-2014

    Amir Khan is a British. He is of Pakistan origin. Not sure why he is a headline on your paper. Only because he is a celebrity bearing the name of our top Indian actor. Is this even sensational news? I was hoping to find some funny article of Amir Khan shooting for a commercial with a French model selling mattresses.

  • Jack Mehoffer08-Apr-2014

    I'd hit it!!!!

  • zee08-Apr-2014

    We don't even know if this is true, It could just be a publicity stunt. Who knows?

  • RAUL10-Apr-2014

    Bull Crap this is definately a publicity stunt. khan does,nt even portray himself to be religious so what has religion got to do with it.

  • Dehlavi10-Apr-2014

    So he has terrorist origins.

  • Saira07-Apr-2014

    What a shame. He broke his partner's trust. Also the French women wasn't even that pretty.

  • Pete11-Apr-2014

    You may notice that this story is reported absolutely nowhere else on the internet!

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