Pitt, who is the executive producer of the new documentary ‘The House I Live In’ - focusing on President Richard Nixon’s 1972 “war on drug abuse” plan – said, “My drug days are long since passed but it’s certainly true that I could probably land in any city in any state and get you whatever you wanted.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt. Pic/Santa Banta

“I could find anything you were looking for. Give me 24 hours or so, and yet we still support this charade called the drug war,” Radar Online quoted him as saying.

“We have spent a trillion dollars. It’s lasted for over 40 years. A lot of people have lost their lives for it. And yet we still talk about it like it’s this success,” he said.

The ‘Troy’ star engaged to Angelina Jolie - who also has a colourful past with narcotics - was frank in his opinion to legalize drugs.

“The only way to end the war on drugs is to take the profit out of it…we have to look at the what-if-everything-was-legal and people were allowed to make their own choices,” he added.