Bravo could get past idol Lara in numbers game

Nov 24, 2011, 07:31 IST | Sai Mohan

In October 1998, Mark Taylor had the opportunity of surpassing Sir Donald Bradman's highest score of 334 during the Peshawar Test vs Pakistan. But he declared overnight and later revealed in his autobiography 'Time to Declare' that he was glad to finish on par with Bradman, not ahead.

In December 1946, Sid Barnes deliberately got out for 234, just minutes after Bradman, playing in his penultimate Ashes Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground, was dismissed for the same score. Years later, Barnes admitted he didn't want to surpass the Don's score as a mark of respect.

When Darren Bravo perished to a loose shot at the Wankhede Stadium yesterday, on 166, just one run short of Brian Lara's score of 167 in his 13th Test, it almost appeared as if the young Trinidadian was reluctant to edge past his idol. It was as though Bravo was content finishing second best.

Bravo's uncanny resemblance with Lara is now a chestnut. But even their career statistics are surprisingly similar (see box). In fact, Bravo, who is Lara's nephew, is marginally ahead at this stage and could go past his idol's record after 13 Tests.

"I was well aware that if I had scored one more run, I would have equalled Lara. But it's not something you can plan or that you can go there and try to achieve. It is something that happens on its own. It was just a great feeling to get a hundred for my team," Bravo said.

 After 12 Tests, both Lara and Bravo averaged 47.05
* Lara scored 167 (WI batted just once) in his 13th Test vs England at Guyana
* Bravo scored 166 (with one innings to go) in his 13th Test vs India in Mumbai
* After 13 Tests, Lara had 1108 runs, while Bravo has 1107 runs this far
* After 13 Tests, Lara averaged 52.76
* After 13 Tests, Bravo averages 52.71*

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